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We Have Babies!!!

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i came home from work and when i walked in the room i heard Sheala hiss at me....she is black and it was hard to see but i turned on the lamp and aimed it in her direction...sure enough four beautiful kittens all alive and suckling momma......i am unsure if she is finished .....

i have two questions....first i wonder what is the longest they can go inbetween birthing and second is i took her in three days ago and because she is black just now seen a flea on one of the babies so now im very concerned .....i will call the vet tomarrow but i dont think i can do much due to their age....any suggestions?

before i go.........how do i add downloaded pics here? i have taken some of momma and kittens
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Congratulations! That is wonderful news. What color are the kittens?
Some vets will treat the mother with advantage or frontline or something like that. I know one of them is safe to use when the mother is nursing.
I do not think you can do anything for the kittens.

Also, I think you need to put a link to your pictures on your post. As a new member, we (me, too) are not able to post until we been here over thirty days and have a lot of posts.
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ohhhhh ok...i will call the vet tomarrow and get momma taken care of....im going to try and get a link up now then.....all babies are either black or gray its so hard to tell lol thanks sooooo much and i posted a congrats to you in your thread
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Congrats!! I'm glad to hear all the kittens are alive and well! Give momma a scratch for me! Hope to see pictures of the little angels soon.
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ok im going to try this........if you want to see pics go to http://shealasbabies.blogspot.com/
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They are so cute!
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Originally Posted by krazykatluver
Congrats!! I'm glad to hear all the kittens are alive and well! Give momma a scratch for me! Hope to see pictures of the little angels soon.
I second that can't wait to see pictures
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adorable, the mommy looks tired
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thank u sooo much.....the babies are doing great and getting plenty to eat....little bellies are plumping up a bit.....mom is tired as would any new mother be....still protective as ever but lets me check on them...we have three females and one male and are all going to homes which i know the soon to be owners very well and will be able to make sure they take good care of them as well as get them fixed when the time comes.....

funny thing happened today....when checking on mommas kits one of the babies left to be checked was in my hand and momma heard her cries for milk....so momma walks up and i open my hand to her ...she takes her and pulls her to her siblings....well then she thought i had another and walked up,smelled my hand and tried to take my hand with her....it was cute...i assured her all her babies were there and she relaxed and began feeding....

everyday is a new experience....a blessing and i am sooooooo proud of Sheala
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