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photo posting question

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Hey all!
I'll make this short. I got my new digital camera and would love to share some photo's on here, but I have no clue how to make the files smaller and how to post them.
Any hints??
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Jess, I'm not great on resizing, but most photo imaging software will let you change the image size (500 X 700 is a great size for TCS), if yours doesn't, several of the folks here reccomend a free program that you can download called irfanview. When you get ready to share them though, open a free account at photobucket, mustangmods or some other photo hosting site that allows remote linking, upload your pics to that site. When you have them uploaded, copy the http code that begins with "http", come to Fur Pictures and start a thread.. when you're ready to put in your pic, simply click on the add image icon (looks like a postcard) and paste in that http code, click to ok, and you're done! If you use photobucket, you can copy the string that starts with [img] and just paste it in without using the add image button. Hope this helps!
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