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Today's radio question: 06/29/05

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How do you calm yourself down?
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I play the most violent video game I have and sip an iced tea.
Makes me feel so much better to take out my frustrations on pixels.
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driving... on the highway... and i see how fast i can go around sharp corners without rolling my car... that takes my mind off whatever i was thinking about

also, about two or three shots of rum works quicker... and no, i NEVER combine the two!
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Deep slow breathing and thinking of absolutely nothing (or at least thinking of a blank wall). Getting my physical reactions under control usually helps to get the emotional ones under control.
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I crank up some angry, angsty music. Helps me vent my frustrations!
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Sometimes I go into my room and yell around a bit, if I'm REALLY upset. Then I'll go on the computer and play, while petting my kitties. Orei and Princess always help lower my blood pressure.
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If I need a physical outlet, I head for the basement and throw darts. The dartboard hasn't been used for much else for years, but it's good for that.

Once I'm done with that, or if I don't need a physical outlet, I pour a scotch, and put my number one desert island music in the CD player: Max Bruch, Violin Concerto No 1 -- on repeat. By the time that's been around a couple of times, I can face the world.
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I start spring cleaning!
Nothing better than scrubbing floors to get rid of all your fustrations.. and if that doesn't help maybe a glass or two of wine

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I try and not get stressed with anyone but if i do then i have to say what has to be said then i feel much better!!!
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I'm doing it right now with my sweet girl at my left arm and my new baby on my outstretched legs! I relax by sitting by the ocean, there are few things more serene! I also relax by working out on my elliptical.
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I get on my computer and listen to some music!
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I meditate
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i wish i could calm down. sometimes i wonder what its like to feel relaxed
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I take a hot bath, pet the kitties or just listen to them purr, drink a glass or two of wine, and do crossword puzzles!
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If I'm angry about something, putting on some Godsmack and screaming my lungs out (in my car) on the way to or from work REALLY HELPS. Something about hearing a jaded dude screaming and screaming along with him really calms my nerves!

If I'm just wound up severely from too much coffee or something (A Daily Event for Me), to calm down, I sit still for a few, take some deep breaths, and eat something with carbs.

To get to sleep at night (if that is considered calm), I have to take medication. I'm on a higher dose now because apparently my body adjusted to the low dose and I sleptwalk out my freaking front door. So anyway now I'm sleeping just swell and so very calm, if my house caught on fire, I'd not know.
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For me a Tequila Bottle help me! .......
.. .... JUST KIDDING!!!

Originally Posted by Sar
I meditate
I try to lie on Bed and think about it in completly Silence! ..
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Typically I take a hot bath, then either talk to the cats or myself however you want to look at it. And a lot of times I just have a good cry.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
How do you calm yourself down?
I don't have to calm myself down too often. I like to go to the batting cage though. If it's a panicky thing going on, like something that I have no control over, I remind myself that there's nothing I can do and relax. I've learned to be mellow about that.
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I usually sit down at the piano and play for awhile....the concentration plus the music plus the physical activity all combine for a nice release.
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I have to be alone to calm down. I normally cry to calm down.
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