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Vash got stung, questions

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Vash went out onto the patio with me a bit ago, and before I could stop him, he'd swatted a wasp down and trapped it in his paws.

I'm not 100% sure if he was stung or bit, but he let the wasp go very quickly and shook his paw.
He won't let me look at it, but this is normal behavior for him.
I know that wasps don't leave their stingers behind like bees do, but since his last two toes on his right paw are slightly swollen, it's a pretty safe bet that he was stung. I know when I get stung, the site swells a little.

He's not favoring it, and he's acting and playing like he normally does, so I'm not terribly worried, but I thought I should watch him, just in case he has allergies.
The trouble is, I'm not allergic to stings, so I'm clueless, what should I watch for?
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If he is allergic you would know it. I keep benedryl on hand in case one of my cats has an allergy to bee stings, but if he is acting normal he should be fine. Allergic reactions come on quite quickly. But if you see anything in him that is abnormal, call the vet-
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He still seems fine aside from a very angry looking paw
I feel so bad that I can't explain it to him in a way he'd understand.
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Ellie got stung by a wasp last summer and was fine after a couple of days. On vet advice I put dilute TCP antiseptic on it just to cool it off and take the stinging sensation away.
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Yeah, he won't let me near it, otherwise I'd have put a baking soda paste on it.
I suspect he thinks I'm out to torture him and clip his nails.

He's doing ok, just a puffed up paw to about his wrist joint, doesn't seem too sore, he's running around on it, playing.
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