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My Best Friend Died

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I have to tell someone about my cat Newton. He was my constant companion for 12 years and my best friend. We came home from a party last night and there he was, lying dead on the floor. Must have and a heart attack or a stroke as he was never sick a day in his life.

I'm a tough, old retired Army officer, but I'm having a very hard time dealing with his loss. My life will not be the same without him.

Thank you for listening to me.
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Sorry to hear about your loss. That's the funny thing about love...it doesn't discriminate, it hurts universally at times like this. Agreed, your life is changed, but Newton can and always will be a part of it through the sharing of memories...stories, pictures...in time, the hurt fades enough to let you continue.

When you're ready to share more about Newton, we'd all love to hear and see what you have.

There is a large number of people here for you...keep us updated on how you are.

Sincerest regrets,

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Gecko - I too am so very sorry about your loss. If it is any comfort to you, Newton did not suffer. Please take the time to read the sticky at the top of this Forum. It is about the Rainbow Bridge, and that is where Newton now awaits you!
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I am so sorry for your loss...I know the pain you are going through. I lost my best "Buddy" 3 weeks ago...he was 17 and had many health problems. I still cry for him and miss him so much. I hate to come home and him not being there...I miss him curled up by my side at night.
I know Newton was loved very much and gave you love in return. It is so hard to explain the pain to others. So few understand the loss that I feel.
I hope you find comfort in this site...It helped me write about my loss and emptiness.
Take care of yourself and my thoughts are with you.
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Oh Gecko I'm so sorry. It may not help you much now but what a blessing for him to go so quickly. I'm facing decisions about my cat who has oral cancer and for his sake I would have chosen Newton's death.
God bless and remember you are not alone in your grief. And never regret having loved him,in spite of the pain. It is always worth it.
Ann D.
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I am very sorry to hear of Newton's death. And I know it is very hard for you. Your love for you little furry companion is unconditional and that is what makes it so hard for us. But always remember that they loved you dearly. And they only leave us when they truly know that it is time to go. So please find comfort knowing that someday you will meet him at the bridge. And this time you will be together for all eternity. But remember that Newton is in your heart and in your memories. And there he will be forever.

Forrest's Mommy
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Gecko...I haven't had the chance till now to tell you how very sorry I am about your cat. My thoughts and prayers are with you, it is so hard to lose them.
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I'm So sorry about your kidden - I had Romeo for 11 years and I still get weepy - it was a month Feb 3rd. He had three heart attacks in front of me, got him to the vet and there was nothing they could do. I guess it gets easier, but you never forget.

Hey - we need more guys like you in this world - not afraid to show your emotions - You had the kidden for 12 years - don't listen to anyone who says "it's just a cat" (I'd like to punch people who say that). Newton was part of your family!

I got another cat about 2 weeks after Romeo went, but he will never take his place .....

Keep your chin up... I know it's hard...
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Gecko, my dad is a retired Air Force pilot who served in southeast Asia and as a flight instructor. Like most career service officers, especially the trainers, he is tough, no-nonsense and stoic.

When I was sixteen, our cat Samantha, who was twelve, was hit by a car and died on the way to the vet. We brought her home to bury her, and as we all stood behind my dad while he dug her grave, we could see the sobs shaking his shoulders.

Bless you, and I hope when you feel better you will think aboutsharing your immense capacity to love with another kitty who needs a home.
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Gecko, sorry to hear of your loss I too lost my best buddy. I came home this morning and saw one of my other cats in the window and my heart jumped since Garfield use to sit in the picture window and wait for me to get home in the mornings. Just remember he is in a better place never to hurt anymore to run and play in the sunshine all day long.

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Hi Gecko, you came to the right place to share your pain. It's unbelievable how little funny furry animals can take so much place in your heart... I believe it's because their love to us is unconditional...

Gecko, I hope that when you are ready, you'll find another cat companion not to replace Newton, but to love you and be loved...

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