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Just A Bit Of Fun!

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I just thought we could have a bit of fun and see how popular ginger cats are on here. How many of us have them? I have on completely ginger cat called Tigger as you can see below he is a very chilled and mischevious kitty! Feel free to post your pics of you ginger kitty's, any breed!



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I've got an orange kit!

his name's Hammie... (full name is Hamtaro, named after a hamster on Cartoon Network). He's not totally gingered, has a lot of white on him, which from what I gather is odd for a boy-cat?

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I have two completely ginger cats, Wild Bill and Elmirah.

This is Elmirah, Billy and CJ's daughter. She's such a love bug.

This is Billy, Mirah's daddy. He's a love bug, but don't hold me, and play with me a lot!

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I love red kitties! My sweet little Scooter is in my siggy below. He is a year old, and looks almost the same as he did then at 4 months. I call him my bitty boy.
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Here's Bailey. She is a ginger tabby, with very faint tabby markings; stripey legs, and lovely swirls on her sides. However, because she has such long, fine, silky fur, they don't show up really well.

She's snuggling with Sam.

And here she is sleeping. She has the fluffiest tail I have ever seen. It flows in the breeze.

Here she is the day I left her cat perch too close to the fish tank.

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My Dad has a ginger cat that we took in as a stray when he was only young. He was terrified of us at first, underweight and had a bad scar around his neck where his collar had gotton too tight and bitten into his skin. After weeks of feeding him, he gradually got more friendly and now he's an utter love bug! Follows me around constantly whenever I'm home and would sit on me all day if he could!

He is also the most vocal cat I've ever known, meowing constantly (even whilst eating sometimes, through a mouthful of food!). Still has a scar around his neck, but I think we changed his mind about us humans!
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Here are some pics of Angel I took in February (He's much bigger now). They were taken with a camera phone, so the quality could be better.

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Here's my orangie boy Buzz.

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This is great, I never realised how popular ginger kitty cats were!!

Keep going!

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awww I love Ginger kitties

what a great thread!!
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Keep going lol!!

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This is Garfield. Better known as "My little man" or "Handsome boy"

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I think Iris fits into this crowd, even though she's got a lot of white.

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