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Kittens in a basket

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I decided to take some pics of my new kittens in a basket, but it was easier said than done. They decided they did not want to stay still for the camera.

frenchy , dottie , mystique and velvet


frenchy mad at me, time to go back to moma
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too cute! especially frenchy's mad face!
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I love kitties with moustaches, and Frenchy seems to have a tiny goatee as well, too cute!
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Looks like Groucho Marx
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I can see why you call him Frenchy! Brings to mind Agatha Christie's character Hercule Poirot (although I believe he was supposed to be Belgian.)
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I want one Basquet of These!!

Please included the kittens!!! .....
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They are so cute . I love frenchy's face. The name totally fits the kitty with this little black moustache. SO CUTE
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Oh good grief!, how cute are they

I'm with everyone else on little Frenchy!
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Oh my gosh, that little guy looks like a little bitty Phineas, moustache and all, I want him! They are all adorable!
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They are posilutely, absitively adorable.
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Uh, oh! Cuteness overload and we weren't given a warning!
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how adorable i love the name Mystique... its the name of my snowboard :-D
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I'm weak with the kitten cuties. Adorable pictures
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