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Poor Emmy

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This is kinda funny and weird.
My son has an air conditioner in his room, so last night I asked him to go turn it on (as I do every night). He knows to close his bedroom door so his bedroom can cool off faster. He also knows to check to make sure no cats are in there.
Well, apparently, Emmy got trapped in his room. Luckily, only an hour or so had gone by, before I noticed that I haven't seen her.....she is usually my little shadow. So I go up and open the door, and right there she is.
She starts with this chirping and meowing.....like she's actually having a conversation with me! I'm not sure I want to know what she was saying, and all I said to her was, "Wasn't me, Emmy, that trapped you in there."
She then goes downstairs, and sits in front of my son, and stares at him. I tell him he probably should apologize to Emmy for trapping her like that. The weird part? He does, and she then calmly goes over to him and rubs against his leg....like she understood him and was forgiving him!
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My cats will end up stuck in the basement. When we let them out, we are given a lecture to beat the band. The oldest one will go on for about 5 minutes.

I'm glad Emmy accepted the apology with dignity.
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Cats are amazing, aren't they? I'm sure she completely understood what both you and your son said to her. I've seen it too many times with my own two to not believe that they really do understand us much better than we understand them.
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...... that´s awesome...
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