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cat psychosis getting worse

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I really need some suggestions about my 7 year old cat Fritz. He is the smaller (8 lbs) of the 2 cats. He has always been shy around people, and always has taken a back seat to the other outgoing cat. Also, Fritz used to have his dry nurse, Lucy the dog, who died a couple of years ago. Fritz has often just spazzed out, scream uncontrollably and running around teh house like a madman. But in the last 6 months or so, he has really gone over the edge. He will start yelling as if being abused, and then stop wherever he is to take a dump on floor, carpet, under bed, or wherever.

I don't think it is constipation--the feces is soft. And he has been checked out by vet with no abnormal findings. She thinks it is a chemical imbalance. We had him on amyltryptilline---didn't get better. Now he is on phenobarbitol (low dose) for the last couple of days. I've kept him in my large bathroom for the last couple of days, with food, water, litter box. Instead of using the box, he took a defecated 2 feet away from it on the floor.

I am at wits end. HELP!
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She thinks it's a chemical imbalance?

I have only two short term suggestions here, a second opinion from an unaffiliated vet, and a second litterbox for Fritz

Let me clarify.
I'm not a fan of vets that prescribe drugs simply because they cannot find a reason for a behavior.
An ex boyfriend of mine adopted an abandoned elderly cat, a few months later, she was peeing all over his apartment.
She didn't have a UTI so the vet prescribed valium, stating that she thought it was behavioral.
The poor cat had weak bladder muscles, nothing more, the valium actually caused the issue to escalate.

I have had cats that had used a single litterbox all their lives, only to later decide that they would not poop and pee in the same box.

At the age of 7, your cat should really have a full senior blood work up done.
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I moved your thread to the Health forum where people who are familiar with medical problems will be able to help.

This does not sound like psychosis (or a behavior problem) -- it sounds as if your cat is very sick.
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All symptoms point to hyper thyroid..did they run those labs ? What were the results and the normal range for that lab ?
Interestingly, a mild, subclinical case can exist for years with symptoms that can be confused with shyness/ nervousness. Then a companion dies, and the hyper is triggered into a diagnosable form. Finally noticed for what is was all all along.
A pattern seen often.

If this turns out to be the problem, understand hyper causes such potty problems as the patient feels no warning and suddenly there it is. Poor kitty undoubtly feels horrible about it, along with the physical illness. Hyper causes a constant state of fear and panic. This resolves one meds have been given for a week or two. The dose is then lowered and a small maintenance dose is easy to deal with.

I hope you find the case, and that it's not hyper...but if it is... don't's easily treated. And only the fist few months are very expensive. More labs done right at first.

Best thing you can do now, is keep things quiet and calm. A soft, reassuring voice from you will help a lot. Kitties pick up on our emotions.. so if he feels frustration or anger from makes him physically worse. We're dealing with delicate hormones that affect both the body and the brain... and will return to normal.

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