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I am the proud momma to my 3 kids and also my 2 furry cats. Molly my new adult cat is pregnant. I took her from my neighbors who were going to take her to the pound becuase she was pregnant...AGAIN...because of their stupidity!!!UGH! I decided to take her in to care for her through her pregnancy and then FIND good homes for her litter. I have already found 3 family members for 3 of the litter...I am glad to say!
My dilema is this:
I dont know how far along she is. Her tummy is swollen and her nipples are large and pink. I can feel kicks from the kittens and she seems to be a little uncomfortable and clingy. I have a vacation planned for July 7-16th for myself and my 3 kids to see my ill father 8 hours away. My husband is home, but works a VERY LOT! I also have a Male cat that is indoor/outdoor and she seems very aggressive toward him (with reason-shes new and she pregnant). I have been trying to figure out when she will deliver and just praying that they will come before I leave so I can help her or at least get her comfortable before I leave. My husband would not touch her or the litter.....not even if I PAID HIM! So anyone have any suggestions for me??? Things I can do before I leave to ensure she will have a safe delivery?-Molly is so attachted to me! She does NOT like my hubby!

Is there usually 2 weeks left once movement is felt?? I can feel the babies in there.....tying to set a time from and its hard!
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Molly has had 2 litters of babies and her last one was in March. I dont know the date of the first, but I do know it was a few years back because there were kittens over there when we first moved in in 2003!

Thanks for any suggestions you have or any advice!
I appreciate it!
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How wonderful of you to take Molly in. I can't believe the neighbors were going to get rid of her

Do you have any close friends or family that could come over and check on Molly? Maybe you could keep her in a room seperate from the other indoor/outdoor cat to keep them from fighting while you are away. At first I was going to ask if she could stay with a friend, but then thought it is probably hard for her adjusting to a new place at this time and moving her might be more stressful.

I can't think of anything else to add but I wish you and Molly the best of luck and look forward to seeing pictures of those kittens when they arrive
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I would go to a shelter to see if they could keep her while you're gone. Explain the situation to them, if they are true animal lovers they will try to help you.

If the shelter itself won't help, ask if they have any people that foster animals for them, and if they would be willing to look after her and help her with the birth.

please keep us updated!
If it were me I wouldn't ask any of my friends to watch her who weren't experienced with cat birth.
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I don't know where in Idaho you are, but you might want to try the pet section of www.craigslist.org for help in locating a volunteer or group that will foster for this period. There is a Boise pet section, if that helps.

Good luck!
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my vet told me its two weeks almost exactly from the date you feel them first move.

i agree with asking a shelter to foster them for the extent of your holiday.
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the only problem with a shelter fostering them is the risk of exposing the mother and the vulnerable babies to disease, even just a resperitory infection can be deadly to kittens that young. Plus the added stress of not only being in a new place, but being around other cats and possibly in a cage...I would prefer the cat to be in my home, just leave her in a bedroom or large room and KEEP THE MALE AWAY FROM HER PLEASE until long after she has the babies, especially if they don't get along all that well. Provide plenty of nest options so she can choose and lots of food and water. Have a friend or neighbor, or even better, someone who has knowledge of birthing kittens to come over a couple times a day to check up on her. Ask the person if they can run the cat to the vet if any problems occur. Maybe leave some money, or let your husband know in case money or a check or something is needed.
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well the best thing for momma is to make sure she has a safe place for her babies......i would confine her to a room so she has space and then look around and make sure it is safe for her and the kits ...then i would see where the hiding places are and lay some old blankets or towels in place.....make sure she has access to food and water as well as her litter box.....try and give her the room that has the least amount of traffic and then let momma have her privacy...she might give birth before you leave....but either way just talk to hubby and he doesnt need to interfere unless he is home when she is birthing and a complication arises...but other than that he should only check up on her and the kits just to make sure momma is doing her job.....and make sure the number to the vet is where your hubby can find it just in case......................last but not least...make sure the male cat is kept out of this room no matter what......hope this helps a bit
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did u figure out what you're going to do yet?
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