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Deaf Cats

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I have a deaf cat and am trying to find a cat locator collar or collar pendant for him. He can hear loud sounds. Does anyone know of such a device?
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Hello and welcome to TCS. I've moved your thread to our Care and Grooming forum where you should get some help with your question.
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I dont understand, do you want something on his collar so you can hear him? Or do you want something so he can hear himself? Or do you want something so that you can call him to you?

If you want him to come to you, but dont want to yell, try a cowbell... Ring the cowbell while doing what you do when you want him to come to you, like patting your leg.. after he comes, or if he doesnt come and just looks at you, set his food down on the ground. Keep doing this at feeding time, and he will come to associate the loud bell with food, or that you want him to come to you. ONce he starts coming when you ring the cow bell, ring the bell somewhere else in the house, with a cat treat or two on hand to give him when he comes. Pretty soon you will just be able to ring the bell and have him come running. If you dont know where to get your hands on a cowbell (to be honest I am not sure either, but if you know what a fleet farm is or have one, try that, or go to your local k-mart, wal-mart, or whatever you might have and try to find a really loud bell. Sometimes they might have loud things in the children's isle. Maybe a whistle or a cheap musical instrument like a recorder would work too.
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I would like something to make a sound so that I can find him. He stays inside but its a pretty big house and sometimes I can't find him and become concerned that he may have gotten out. When he is sleeping he can't hear a thing and if he's sleeping a cowbell wouldn't work even if I could find one. Perhaps something that goes on a key chain to help find lost keys would work if I can find one small enough.
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