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Prayers For Kittyfoot's Mom

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Just wanted to let everyone know that KF had to take his Mom to the ER room today. They have admitted her to the hospital and she will be there through the holidays. Not sure yet exactly what the problem is but they think it is reaction to medicine and she is very weak and run down. They are giving fluids via IV and also some blood. They will do tests of course and check her out well. Dont know much more at this time.

Hugs and Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!!

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It is so difficult to have a family member in the hospital!
What a good son to care so for his mom!
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Prayers are on the way and a healing candle will be lit. Please keep us posted.

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I will keep Kittyfoot's mom in my prayers.
I pray the Dr.s find out what's wrong so she can be treated...and get well.

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Wayne's such a good son. I know how close they are. I pray his Mom is diagnosed with a very good prognosis soon.

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I thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. Mom is still in hospital and apparently will be there until after the new year;a fact she is not very happy with. Further tests are required but she is improving somewhat. Christmas is on hold until she is home once again.
Again,thanks much and spare her a prayer when you can.

I'm lucky to have Barb,even tho we're far apart. This wonderful woman can take time from her own troubles to ease my mind. Thank you Angel,I Love You.
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Try to keep her spirits up. It must be horrible to be in the hospital during the holidays. My prayers are with you and your mother.
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Wishing her a speedy recovery and good spirit!
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My prayers are going out to your mom, Wayne, please keep us posted.
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She had a bad reaction to some arthritus meds she took,but is ok now.
She looks better than she has in ages. Thanks to everyonr for your prayers and concern. God Bless you all.
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Awww...Wayne, that's indeed GREAT NEWS!!! Good for MOM!!!

I bet she's delighted too!

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That's great! Glad to hear it, Wayne!
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Yippee - that is indeed good news!
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Awright! Great news, Wayne!

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Yay! How wonderful that it was something fairly simple and easy to correct!

I'm glad your mom is feeling so much better!
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She must be so happy to be home. It is amazing what prayers can do. I am so happy she is better.
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Yes, that is GREAT news!!! I am SO glad to hear she is doing okay!!!
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Well Wayne called me this morning to tell me they rushed Mom Isabelle back to the hospital in an ambulance this morning. She was hemorrhaging again from the rectum and was in pain. Last I talked to Wayne she was still at the hospital and they were trying to find the cause.

God how I wish that I was closer and could be there for both of them!! But I have been praying all day and hope to get a call from Wayne soon.

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Barb: I am so very sorry that there are complications again with Wayne's mom. Consider my prayers on the way!
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I'm still hoping for something relatively simple, polyps, an ulcer, even hemorrhoids (sp) can be rather bloody sometimes. Plus if her blood has been thinned by her meds . . .

God bless the doctors!
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I agree with Sunlion. I talked with my Mom and she's a nurse and works with the elderly alot. She said it could very well be from the meds thinning her blood; not to mention hemmorroidal tissue ruptures...Our prayers are with you all.

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Thanks everyone!!! KF will write when he has a chance but I did talk to him briefly this evening. Mom is doing ok now as they gave her some blood and have her stablized now. She should rest well tonight. We really dont know much more at this time and as Catarina & Sunlion said it could be lots of things causing this.

Thanks again for the prayers,
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I'm sorry to hear she took a bad turn, my prayers are still with her, and with wayne.
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I thank you all again for your continuing prayers. Mom has undergone several tests to find the source of her internal bleeding. So far they have found nothing. There's a couple more to go and if they come up negative she'll be sent home again. I HOPE it will not happen again. Scary stuff in an 80 yr old lady.
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My thoughts & prayers are with you and your mom KF!
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Yeah, it is scary, but she has our prayers and a YOU!

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