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Help! I've made the terrible mistake of not having my cat spayed yet. She will be 2 y.o. in May and is an indoor cat. Well, she's been in heat (again and again) lately and I was wondering what you recommend for getting that wonderful odor out of carpeting and clothes. I've tried a couple things but it always seems to seep through again!
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There are a few products you can find at the pet store, but I recomend a product called X-O. It works wonders on just about anything. The only place I know you can get it is
JoRene Distributors Their # is 1-888-6-Jorene. It is not very expensive and comes in a concentrate.
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Welcome to the forums pammywammy!

The best thing really is to have her spayed ASAP. The earlier you do it, you lower the risk of her getting mammary cancer.
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