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Birds attacking my Cat

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We have these mocking birds that keep attacking my cat and its making me uptight. Does anyone have any ideas ??? We're new here I'm Bill and my cats name is Kitten, she loves it outside but the bird or birds are making it rough on both of us. We would appreciate any advice. Bill O.
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Are mocking birds the ones that are intimated by the owl statues?
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When I was a kid my cat got marooned out in the yard under a tree being divebombed by a couple of Minor birds, Mum had run out and rescue him.
They only ever did it for a few weeks each year during the nesting season so the cats just stayed indoors during that time.
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My cat used to get bothered by one certain mockingbird, and it was because he tried to get her babies! I'd sit down with Kitten and have a long talk with her about staying away from them...they will hold a grudge!
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First of all, please, keep your cat inside! It's safer for all involved.

Secondly, the Mockingbirds (similar to black crows) are probably protecting their babies from any predators. It's nesting season now and they all have their young to protect.
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Well it's most likely Mom and Dad bird with baby birds close by. I would keep Kitten inside for a few weeks until the baby birds leave the nest
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Welcome to TCS.

Aw sorry to hear that the birds are bugging your kitty. If it was my kitty I'd keep her inside too. Birds can do damage.
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Magpies and crows used to attack Dushka during the nesting season the first summer I got her, when she was still quite small. But they leave the adult cats alone. Since Persil did not go out till she was bigger she didn't have that problem. Funnily enough they never tried it with Ellie. I would keep her away till she is a bit bigger.
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invest in a scarecrow or some sort of bird detterent.
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you kitty is OK?
Did you pick up to a vet?
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Yes I would definately keep Kitten inside until he is bigger.

Adult cats pose a lot more of danger to birds so they will probably leave the Kitten alone once he's full grown. When I was a kid our cat, Tom took birds down when they'd dive at him. It was quite the sight to see this fat old cat jump three feet in the air and grab a bird mid-flight.
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