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I know this is not furbaby related but I wanted to share this link..


You click on the page several times in different areas and look what happens. Your very own, July 4th - July 1st or what every you need fireworks for..

Hey bring your hubby or wify to the computer kiss them while clicking the mouse and say we still have fireworks hehehe ok that was silly...
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Ooo! I've seen this thing before. I had a blast! I love it!
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My boyfriend got a bunch of fireworks from South Carolina. They are illlegal in West Virginia, and the state is very strict about seting them off. I don't know what he palns to do with them... the 4th will be very interesting
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ohhhhh..... ahhhhhhh..... oooooooooo..... woooooow... i played.... had fun!!!!
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I love it! Love fireworks too. I'm only 15 and have been able to buy them since I was 14.
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