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Secret Santa Sharing?

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Anyone jump the mark and open up their gift early? Hope all of you got your gifts on time, and look forward to hearing all about it. Happy Holidays one and all!
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Well, seeing as it's the 26th.........

I didn't "reveal" myself but I gave hints so in case she didn't figure it out......... Frannie, I was your secret santa.

Rene thanks so much for the calendar, I love it!
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Yes, I knew who you were but didn't want to say anyting. I absolutely love the picture frame and have the perfect picture for it. Thanks so much.

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Anne was my secret santa and she made a donation to the Isrial Cat welfare society. So now I am a proud owner of a T shirt that helped the cats in Isrial.
Anne, thank you again. You couldn't have sent a better gift!!
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I opened my gift on Xmas morning. Thanks Ken for the lovely chime. I have it hanging in front of my kitchen window with the rest of my chime collection. I love hummingbirds and it is a wonderfull addition as I didnt have one.
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Elinor, you are most welcome!

Hisy was my secret Santa, and not only did I get an awesome Star Wars book, I had to figure out who it was from given clues on a card attached to the gift. Thank you Hissy!, I had lot's of fun puzzling that one (Sandie wouldn't give a hint), and a great book to look through!!

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I told Sandie not to tell unless you really got stumped. Enjoy the artwork and have a safe and Happy New Year's!
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Sounds like you Secret Santa's had a great time ! Will there be one next year so I can join in?
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Yes, I want to join in also next year!!!:tounge2:
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Me too! Me too! :blubturq:
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I can't promise about something so far away, but here is the list of the Secret Santa's and maybe that will motivate others to share what they got.

Gayef, Secret Santa to Anne
Anne had Sandie
Sandie had Vlinder
Vlinder had Rene
Rene had sfell
Sfell had Frannie
Frannie had Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat had TLK
TLK had nena10
Nena10 had Amanda
Amanda had Sunlion
Sunlion had hissy
Hissy had Cleo, and Ken
Ken had Elinor
Elinor had Billie
Billie had Debby
Debby had Gayef

So there is the list, and now would someone else like to share what they got?
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Come on folks, let's hear it!
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I got an absolute beautiful picture frame with paw prints on it. I have the perfect picture to put in it. It's a picture of my Theo the day I brought him home who went to the Bridge December 18, 2001. I hadn't mentioned it because I'm still hurting. Theo was my first Oriental Shorthair which my mom gave me as a Christmas present 11 years ago to the day that he went to the Bridge. I still miss him. He was my buddy and always yelled at me when I came home. He was not sick or anything so please don't flame me. He was 11 years old and for an OSH that's a good age. Thanks for the beautiful frame. It goes with a beautiful baby -- my Theo.

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Debby sent me two precious Siamese cat figurines. One of the cats was reclining in a lady's shoe and the other had slipped into a dress that was still on the hanger. I had a cat that loved to "try on" my clothes, and would always pull stuff down off the rod in the closet. She would slip inside and get stuck by the hanger, just like the little cat in the figure! It really brought back some fond memories of this little Seal Point female.

Thanks again for letting me participate. I enjoyed this a bunch and hope we can do it again next year!

From the heart,

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Oh Frannie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss! This has not been an easy time for either of us, has it?

Sending you hugs,

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Thank you, dear 'Santa Paws'!

Frannie sent me a whole box full of Christmas goodies: three pairs of white socks, for which my feet are grateful; two packages of cat treats, for which Michaela and Tonya are thankful; and the compact disk 1, containing 27 songs by The Beatles which were number one on the charts (greatly appreciated by my brain and ears alike). Thank you, Frannie (a.k.a. "Santa Paws")!


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I'm so glad that you liked the package. I'm sorry that it was late but I only got the CD on Friday (the last weekend before Christmas) as I had it on order for about 3 weeks. I didn't know which ones you had so I had to get you the latest. Enjoy, btw, the Beatles are also my favorite.

Frannie (a/k/a Santa Paws)
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