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People who fidget - sit still darn you!

People who procrastinate about everything - it's just deciding what to have for dinner, you're not deciding the fate of the world!

People who eat with their mouth open

People who don't thank you when you're driving and you stop to let them out of a junction

Body odour

Animal cruelty


Stupid people in general

Loud music in cars that I can hear when they drive past my flat

My downstairs neighbour putting his washing machine on at 10.30pm - his wife is home all day, surely she can get off her backside and do the washing at a sensible time!

I could go on forever............
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I can't stand stupidity and people you refuse to help themselves! This basically includes all my clients at work...when something goes wrong with their systems they call here right away, and start yelling how the system is horrible, blah, blah, blah. Half the time it's something simple they could of fixed themselves if they just thought about it!
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Originally Posted by Sooz123
NO... there seems to be a couple of people in our office that won't admit when they make mistakes, or do it on purpose because they're lazy and hide it, or just flat out lie. It's simply not fair to the people putting in an honest day's work. If someone victimizes you like that, you make sure your boss knows so they can defend you if it ever causes a real problem!
You are so right...it really is victimizing. And its not fair to people who do put in an honest days work, or go beyond what they should. Justification is my satisfaction.
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Pet Peeves:

Opening the door for someone and they don't acknowledge you or say THANK YOU. If someone opens a door for me, I practically offer to have their child for them!

Really loud, sqealy uncontrollable kids in the grocery store, and a mom or dad who just lets the child wreak havoc.

In movie theaters: Either you've got The Cougher, The Farter, or The Chair Kicker. I love going out to see movies but there's always something that sorta ruins the experience!

One more pet peeve... a man who won't take "NO" for an answer, especially when said politely. I walk every day during my lunch break, and this city is getting worse as far as crime (Across from Cincinnati). I was followed the other day and it scared the poo out of me. He kept saying, "I want your number! I want your name!" and wouldn't leave me alone so I basically ran back to my building!
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Originally Posted by squirtle
The one thing that drives me nuts, and this sounds weird, but when my fiance sneezes! It is sooooo loud and there are always 5 of them I don't mine other people sneezing, just his, it almost affects me like scraping your fingers on a chalk board.
I know!!! My husband sneezes so loud, it makes my ears ring! I just want to punch him every time he does it! So, I am like, "Hey, can you not scream when you sneeze??" Gosh sakes. I mean, when I sneeze, everyones like, "Did someone step on a mouse?" Ha, ha. At least I dont make people want to punch my lights out.
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I can't stand:

The folks that get a little bit of authority and then let it go to their head and go on a big power trip.

Loud mouth breathers

When people bite down on their spoon/fork while eating

When people wear socks with sandals

When people chew with their mouth open or talk while eating.

People who always try to "one up" you with what they have or stories they tell.
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* people who are ALWAYS late.

* people who eat with their mouths open.

* people who constantly complain about EVERYTHING.

* people who waffle (talk, talk, talk - but their words mean nothing)

* people who urinate on the road side (I live in africa - I see this happens at least twice a day)

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"When people bite down on their spoon/fork while eating"

hahaha, my bf does that and it is just gross. The fork isnt what your supposed to chew! its the food! plus it leave food on the fork thats been in your mouth ick!
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great thread!!!!

stupidity, rudeness and narrow-mindedness go without saying, as does animal cruelty

1. People who say "oh" instead of "zero." "Oh" is a letter, "zero" is a number, get it straight!

2. Carelessly bad written grammar (Im a free-lance editor and work in an English department, so its understandable--Im not just a grammar prude, I swear!) People who dont bother with grammar or spelling because they know I'll take care of it. Try a little, please!

3. People who smoke/drink in hot tubs. We have a hot tub in our apartment complex, and people are always drinking alcohol and smoking while sitting in it. It's gross, smelly and dangerous!
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
My biggest peeve is people who go into long, drawn out details to tell you something when a quick, 4 or 5 word sentence will suffice.
If they're telling a story, it's a different matter.

My fiance' does this all the time
That drives me nuts too. What about people whose every other word is "um", "uh", or "you know".
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I don't think I have enough room to mention everything

1. Co-workers who continousley complain about how they don't have enough time with their kids, the hours (8-5!) etc. They all want a good paying job with part hours. Hello I would like that too!!! If you don't like it here-find another job.

2. People who use their mobile phones while shopping. Can't make their mind up by themselves anymore.

3. People who speed past my house on their motorcycles. This is not a race track.

4. People who repeat stuff. I heard you the 1st time!!

5. There should be a lane open at the grocery aisle for people who do their shopping during their lunch hour!! Or people who start writing their check out after they know the total of their bill.

6. People who block the lane at the mall in order to wait for that person backing out so they don't have too walk so far. Exercise is a good thing!!

7. My hubby who while watching TV flips the channels during the commercials.
8. On the husband vein: Putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, putting dirty tshirt on the edge of the bathtub instead of the laundry hamper.

I could go on and on.............. but that would be another person pet peeve!!
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Just a few...

Finding grammar mistakes in published works or in advertisements...especially the use of " 's ": you want to write a plural, so you write baby's instead of babies, or kid's instead of kids. Arrrrgh! There's a difference between possessives and plurals!

The sound of someone squeaking styrofoam or balloons. That's worse than nails on a chalkboard for me!
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Here are some of mine

1. People changing the tv channel when I am watching something
2. Snoring
3. Pushy sales people
4. Excessive cursing
5. People who refuse to take advice even when they ask you for it
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I have two pet peeves:

2. I can't stand when people "Look out for number 1!" There's more than 1 person on this earth, and it just bugs me when people aren't considerate to anyone else.

1. Call me strange, call me weird, but I am very finicky about raw meat... if I order something well done at a restaurant, and it comes back the slightest pink, I send it back... I just can't stand it. I have no clue why, but I'm very paranoid about raw meat.
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People that gnaw their fingernails. GROSS!!!!!!!
People that smack and chomp whatever is in their mouth, especially huge wads of gum. Don't these people have any raising at all?!!!
Loud car stereos that play that crappy hip-hop and rap. (I refuse to call that garbage music)
Looking at or listening to anyone that engages in making above mentioned noise. Those idiots with all those stupid names, that wear their stupid hats at stupid angles on their pinheads, with all those hideous gold teeth make me want to smash their faces in. I don't know why they *iss me off so bad, but they do.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Those idiots with all those stupid names, that wear their stupid hats at stupid angles on their pinheads, with all those hideous gold teeth make me want to smash their faces in. I don't know why they *iss me off so bad, but they do.
They do me, too... I think it's their aggressive, angry, in-yo-face attitude that just rubs me the wrong way and makes me angry to match.

I agree with the waiting to start writing the check until the total is given whole heartedly! I HATE THAT!

I hate people who ride our bumper while driving through our 20mph neighborhood... where kids, animals, and walkers are always in the street.

Same token, I hate being behind people who ride bumpers in traffic because it forces them to constantly tap their brakes and it is VERY dangerous to be either behind -or- in front of them.

I hate looking at something in a store and somebody comes up behind me looking at the same product. Wait a minute already! You're in my personal space!

I hate perfectly healthy people who get on a crowded elevator to go DOWN ONE FLIGHT.
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iv'e been waiting for a thread like this to show up

my pet peeves (grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable)

1. Ringtones, logos, mobile wallpaper and all the stupid stupid commercials that advertise them, i actually switch channels when they come on.

2. Rap songs, especially the one's dat sing bout hoez n poppin caps, truly, get over it.

3. cupboard doors left open, especially in the kitchen and especially because they are usually where i just chuck everything and want it out of sight, crinkles rugs annoy me too.

4. The shopping chanel on fox, they always sell rubbish you could buy anywhere else, the award for crappiest online shopping in my books goes to danoz direct! grrrrrr.

5. Big brother, i have never seen such a boring show in my life until i saw that one, everyone in the house has some little thing that only they do which everyone is supposed to find funny or amusing, they are all poor actors who do nothing but grate on my nerves and they all backstab each other...great.

6. Phone surveys or people asking for donations, they always seem to call just as i'm starting dinner and are always determened to give you as much of their speel as possible before you slam the phone in their ear.

7. Mcdonalds and KFC, if that food was the last thing on the planet i'm still not sure if i could eat it, the few times iv'e dared to even try it my stomache has felt violated for the rest of the day, as for KFC, i have never never seen so mcuh oil pour out of one peice of chicken...blah.

8. The booh bahs, spongebob sqaurepants and teletubbies, what ever happened to kimba the white lion, astro boy and looney toons, the people making kids cartoons these days are either mad or on some serious drugs.

9. closed minded people.

10. Friends who when you tell them your feeling sick they say 'oh that's no good, anyway, you should see what I brought today'

11. people eating with mouths open and making too much noise while eating.

12. being stuck behind someone with one item in a checkout who takes ages because their card isn't working.

well, that's it....for now

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The thing that annoys me most is when my friends ring me and say "il come over to yours in an hour" then 2 hrs later say "sorry cant make it hows next tuesday sound"! My friends do this all the time and i really really REALLY hate it!
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Another one:

* People who talk REALLY, REALLY loudly on their cellphones (mobiles).

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Sooz123, I totally agree with you about the crappy drivers! I live in a big neighborhood, and the main road is used for a short cut to get to the base. I always drive the speed limit, and these idiots pass me. It drives me nuts! I drive a 1985 Oldsmobile, a tank, and one day I am going to make a tailgater buy it. I will slam on my brakes all the time when someone rides my bumper. I have already had several of them bump me hard enough to deploy their airbag without leaving me a scratch on my bumper.
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Glad to see so many people agree with me !

1. People talking on their cellphones while they're driving! Hello, if you're listening you're not looking and I'd really rather not be on the road with you!

2. Rap and Hip-Hop "music" (I use the term loosely---very, very loosely .) Can't stand the stuff, never could, I'm sorry it's NOT music. (It's not even good poetry .)

3. People who seem to have a problem capitalizing "I" in a sentence. There is a shift key, you know!

4. People who don't seem to know the difference between they're, their, and there, or its and it's, or affect and effect. Ditto for advice and advise and misspellings in general. It's not that hard! Really!

5. And especially when I see this stuff on professionally done signs. ("Home for sale: Golf Cource Lot." I kid you not! How many people did this have to go through before it got installed in front of the for-sale house?)

6. If the clothes hamper is out of the room with the clothes being washed, DH throws the dirty clothes on the floor where it was, or beside the bed. Arrrggghhh!

7. Not being able to get help when I NEED it at the DIY stores. I spent 20 minutes one day waiting for some clerk to give me 15 seconds of his time to help with a 3/4" piece of plywood. If I hadn't needed help they would've been all over me!

8. This goes along with #2: Those bloody, huge falling off pants that look like they're trying to wear pantaloons. Twenty years ago only clowns wore stuff like that. Do they know what they look like??? It's worse when it's shorts. Looks like a couple of pipestems stuck in the end of a pillowcase !

I'm sure there's more, but life's short ...

Mom to Narsil, Mithril and Kellie da Peke
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Sooz123, I totally agree with you about the crappy drivers! I live in a big neighborhood, and the main road is used for a short cut to get to the base. I always drive the speed limit, and these idiots pass me. It drives me nuts! I drive a 1985 Oldsmobile, a tank, and one day I am going to make a tailgater buy it. I will slam on my brakes all the time when someone rides my bumper. I have already had several of them bump me hard enough to deploy their airbag without leaving me a scratch on my bumper.
You think that's a tank . DH always gets out of their way, but when I'm out in my '72 pick-up I just snarl at them and dare them. "Come on, hit me. It's going to hurt you in your nice shiny new plastic car much more than it is me!"
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
"When people bite down on their spoon/fork while eating"

hahaha, my bf does that and it is just gross. The fork isnt what your supposed to chew! its the food! plus it leave food on the fork thats been in your mouth ick!
Sorry you have to endure that, too!! My husband does it when he's really really hungry---too hungry to care about me lecturing him about how annoying it is and he'll break a tooth off
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People who pee on someone else's parade. You know the type, someone in the office has just bought a new car and is incredibly chuffed with it, when the nasty person goes outside to look and starts pointing out scratches and dints, and mentions how much cheaper they could have got it, or the engine isn't big enough, or how many stories they've heard about that specific type of car breaking down. Same when someone's just had their hair cut and nasty person tells them it looks awful. There's just no need for it. I believe in the old axiom, 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'. It's not your choice of car, fine, just say it's nice anyway and join in with their good mood! Be happy for them!

People who are late, drives me nuts. I'm always, always early. I'd rather get somewhere an hour early than 5 minutes late. If I arrange to meet a friend in a pub, I don't want to have to sit there for 20 minutes just because they can't organise their time properly! You would have thought after nearly 30 years most people would know how long it takes to get ready!

I have to admit that I say 'oh' rather than 'zero' - I think it's a UK thing as I've never met anybody who says 'zero'!
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Finally - people who scratch the plate with their knife and fork, or act like they're cutting through a tree trunk instead of a piece of cauliflower. Makes me cringe as much as nails down a blackboard!
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Is there enough room for me to list ALL of my pet peeves??
*People who drive without using their blinkers. Come on. I KNOW your expensive Mercedes has a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:' blinker. Put down your cell phone and USE IT!
*People who drive slowly in the left lane. That's for people with lead feet like me
*People who abuse- animals, children, significant others, authority, the earth....the list goes on and on.
*Budget cuts to social services.
*The disrespect given to teachers.
*Hypocrites; the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality
*Politicians in general. They're always fake-smiling and making promises they don't intend to keep
*Calling survivors of domestic violence and rape "victims." Nope. If they made it out alive, they are survivors.
*People who let their dogs dook all over the neighborhood without cleaning it up. That goes to the greater pet peeve of people who have no personal responsibility.
*Tom Cruise. Just the mention of his name these days peeves me.

I'm not always negative y'all, I swear!
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- Cheap people. There is a difference between really not being able to afford things, and then doing things like spending $20 on three glasses of wine but saying you can't afford to go out for "dinner".

- The sound of people yawning quietly. You just hear the sort of crackle of their mouth opening and closing and the back of their throat but they're trying to hide it. Yuck.

- People who eat with their mouths open but ESPECIALLY crunchy things like chips and popcorn.

- People who walk arm in arm four-five people across the sidewalk so you can't get past, and are oblivious.

- Rude salespeople. Um....SORRY i have to order food from you or buy things from you, please forgive my audacity.

- Kids who cough open mouthed in a dramatic way in public or when you are introduced to someone's child and they don't say hello back. Its just really rude. I don't care shy or not, even a hidden-faced hi would be enough not to be rude.

- Channels that show the SAME ADS OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. For the past few weeks there was this channel i kept watching that was advertising for a show about "the boy whose skin fell off". It would start out with this boy with an irritating english accent saying "my name is Jamie, and that's me in the box" and they would show a coffin going by and it was just creepy and yucky.

WHEW! gotta to go work now, that felt great!
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~ People who say "cats always land on their feet"
~ People who don't pull their grocery cart to the side so others can get by
~ Those stupid pants that people wear falling off of them with their underwear showing
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BAD DRIVERS!!!! They don't use their directionals, drive half in their lane, half in your lane!

I have been out doing errands, and I don't know if it is the heat, or the long holiday weekend coming up, but people are really driving bad right now!
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Originally Posted by xocats
What's your Pet Peeve?

Is there something that seems silly or insignficiant to other people but irritates you?

Leaf Blowers are my pet peeve.
They are loud. They use gas. They blow dust everywhere...they just don't work.

What's your pet peeve?
Hmmmm my Pet Peeve is the people next door who have 5 people in the family and at least 6 cars with 1 in the garage and the rest parked in front of other people's homes! Sheesh! I bought a home with a BIG front window to see out of - NOT to see someone's car!
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