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Lute & Loch Ness

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Hello everyone. It's so cool to find people sharing their experience and expertise. My cats are Loot (aka Lute) and Loch Ness. Lute is gray and white with green eyes. We got him as a kitten from a no-kill shelter in Chicago. He had a troubled kittenhood due to a bad gut, until finally the vet told us she had nothing left to try on him, that his intestines were scarring over, and eventually he would be unable to digest food at all, so would starve no matter how much he ate. At that point my missus did what we'd both sworn we'd never do -- she started fixing him home-cooked meals. 10 years later, Loot's still healthy. Last year he got a new pal, Loch Ness, from a no-kill shelter in Pittsburgh. She's a black cat with squash-colored eyes, very friendly, quite the minx, and loves to play fetch. It seems like a lot of people on this board do animal shelter and rescue work -- thank you so much, on behalf of Loot and Loch Ness and all their human friends.
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Welcome to TCS!! I'm glad to hear you didn't give up on your cat and to hear that he's doing well after all of these years.
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Thank you Miss Charlotte!
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Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here, and I look forward to getting to know you, Lute and Loch Ness on the boards!
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Thanks! We'll be asking advice from folks on the behavior forum soon ...
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Hi And Welcome to TCS!!!!

Well, see you on the forums!
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Welcome, tremontaine! That's a remarkable story about Lute. Bless you for going to such lengths to care for a special needs cat!
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Hi there and welcome from all of us to all of you!
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Hello and
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welcome! My 3 send belly rubs, I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Welcome to TCS! Can't wait to see pics!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I'm glad Lute was able to get healthy. Looking forward to some pics.
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Welcome to TCS!
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