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Radio question for today: 06/28/05

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Have you ever called in sick to work when not really ill?
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Of course, who wants to waste a perfectly good day being sick. I actually go to work when I'm sick.
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Does hung over count as being sick?
If it doesn't, then yes, I have.
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Sure I have
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I haven't for a long, long, time but I used to once a year or so in my younger days
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I haven't at my current job yet. But at my last job I did a lot. I was just so unhappy with my boss, coworkers, everything! lol I considered it a "mental health" day!
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Ahh, one of the bad things about being self employed...can't do it!
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Nope!!!!!!!!!! In over three years, I had only called in 2 times... And I was DIEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Once in a while! At a previous job I had asked for a weekend off and didn't get it. The head boss was a cow but my supervisor was really nice. On the Friday she asked if I thought I was coming down with a cold (hint hint) Sure enough the next morning I wasn't feeling well and the head boss never knew
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Years ago.
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Though I have been tempted occasionally, I have not ever actually done it.
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my first summer job i called in twice, i think. i HATED that job and the pay was awful so i really didn't feel bad about it. the job i had the next couple of summers my boss was really cool and pretty much let me take a day off whenever. i tried not to take advantage of his flexibility, but considering the number of times he and 3 other guys from the office would take off early to play a round of golf i probably wouldn't have been missed.
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Yes I have - but I havn't done it recently. I only did it on days that I had no work commitments, and when there were no deadlines to meet.

I then spent the day feeling so guilty - that it wasn't worth it anyway.
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I didn't call in sick though, I would make something up like having to meet a potential Landlord or something - then I didn't have to stay away from work!
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yes I have

oh is that bad?
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Yup! I feel guilty tho and usually wind up plugging in and working from home anyway.
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Not at this job...clients are too important. But, I did it during my college job for those "hungover" or "big paper is due tomorrow" days!
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Maybe once or twice in 3 years.
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Yep! I didn't feel guilty when I done it at my last job, I hated it there anyway, but with this job now I feel totally guilty when I 've done it.
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Originally Posted by GratefulBear629
I haven't at my current job yet. But at my last job I did a lot. I was just so unhappy with my boss, coworkers, everything! lol I considered it a "mental health" day!

I don't have to here. First, I actually like my job and the people I work with, and second they are really cool about time off for whatever reason. When we went to the Motley Crue show up in Ft. Collins (an hour north of Denver), I asked to be able to come in late. No problem! Same week, we had tickets to NIN, so I wanted to leave early, and the next morning Earl was flying out so I had to come in late again. They didn't even bat an eyelash, not a problem at all if I wanted to take some time off.
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Another person here who takes occasional "mental health" days. With all of the evidence that stress can make you more susceptible to really getting sick, I think more workplaces would be open to it.
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Not since I was teen. I have too much to do at work anymore.
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