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I'm back

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I registered for these forums before, but haven't visited in a long time.
I have 10 "purrmanent" kitties, and a varying number of other cats and kittens whom I foster for the Animal Rescue Federation shelter here in northern Wisconsin. A 'few' of my fostered have become permanent, including a male who has radial hypoplasia ('twisty' cat) and a female who has CH - cerebellar hypoplasia.
I came upon the site again today as I was chasing links.
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Hnmmmmm...how do I update my signature?
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Hello and welcome back!!!

Click into the User CP at the upper left and you can change your siggy there.
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Hi and Welcome Back to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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Welcome back Norma!
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Welcome back, wiscats! Bless you for your work in fostering cats!
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Hey there. Welcome back!
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welcome back! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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What beautiful babies, Donna. But "only" 3??
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Hi and welcome back!
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Hi and Welcome Back
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