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My house is empty!

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OK folks, this is it. I never have to go back to Forres ever again. My house is completely empty, the garden is nice and it all looks so big! It echos! I never knew how much stuff I had until I had to get rid of it and although it's really only taken a week, it's ben a bit of a marathon. It feels so surreal to walk in and think - this isn't my house any more - and there's nothing in it. Everything I could take with me is now condensed to 3 stones (44lbs... or 20 kilos for you modern chickies out there) across a couple of suitcases..... and that's it. All done. Finito. On one hand it feels so wonderful to be out of the place now that all the bills are dealt with, all the packing is done and people know where I'm going to... but on the other hand I'm a bit sorry to be leaving. I'm leaving so much behind. I'll miss the trees that surround the house and I'll miss sitting in the garden on days like we've had recently. And it goes without saying that I'm going to miss my son like nothing on earth. I won't miss mowing the lawn though!
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Change is always hard, but it seems to me that you are going to a wonderful new part of your life. Look back with fondness, and look forward with joy.
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It is good to have a job done, and to focus less on stuff, and more on the truly important things.
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Come on Emma! you can Do it! you has the TCS Support!
Don´t give it up!
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