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cats and coffee

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My cats love to smell coffee. Ever since he was a tiny kit, Fred, now 13, has loved to sniff the coffe when I open the cannister to make a pot. George lays by the coffee maker and sniffs it constantly. I have hazelnut coffee candles and they really seem to like those, too. They never try to eat the grounds or drink the coffee, they just love the smell. Has anyone ever heard of this?
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I don't ever have a cup of coffee that hasn't had a whisker or two in it. Maybe they need the caffeine?
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Thats sweet, my kitty (Sweetie) likes to drink coffee by dipping in a paw and licking it clean. She does prefer coffee with cream but, if none is available she will take what is.

See you around
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Diane! I can piucture that. Kitty pulling up to Dunkin Donuts and wanting extra cream!
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My kitty comes right up to the coffee cup sniffing when I'm drinking it. So I dab my finger in it and let her lick a few drops off my finger. After 3 dabs or so she's had enough -- but she really seems to like it!....maybe ground coffee in a can looks like mud or some substance to play with?
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Our older cat, Striker, has shown an interest in coffee (well, almost any drink, actually). We've never dared find out what the consequences would be if we let him "sample."

At her current rate, our little kit Sassy doesn't need ANY help from coffee!

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