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Porta-Potty Virus!!

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This is not a joke.

Last week wednesday through Sunday was Country USA in Oshkosh, WI.
This is a HUGH music festival with over 154,000 people attending the 5 day period. Many of my co-workers atttend and one goes every day after work. Well she wasn't feeling well and went to doctor at festival grounds complaining of a sore throat. She was advised to gargle w/salt water.
This is a very healthy 61 yr old lady!! Who never is ill. Monday am she wasn't feeling any better and went to her doctor. She is now and antibiotics and also another prescription to numb the pain since her mouth is filled with canker sores!!!! The doctor said she most likely picked up this virus from the porta potties on the festival grounds!!! There isn't alot of places to wash ones hands after using the porta potties. So she is in quite a bit of pain from this.

Just an FYI for everyone who attends any type of gathering that has this very public bathroom facilities. I don't think anyone would like to go through the pain she is experiencing right now. Bring some antibacterial stuff to use on your hands!!!
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Yeowzer! Gail, I sure hope your co-worker gets well soon (as well as anyone else who may have contracted the virus.
Thank you for the heads-up!
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Ouch! Thanks for the info.
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gross i dont attend these things anyway
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I'm funny when it comes to public toilets.

Even though i wash my hands, as i leave i find myself opening the door with my little finger on my left hand as i've seen so many people walk out without washing their hands

Even the young junior clerk at work never washes her hands, and she's a jehovahs witness, so did no one tell her that cleanliness is next to Godliness?!
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lol susan, when i walk out of public toilets i kick the door open haha and if its not possible then i open it with my arm
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I recall reading about a research study done a number of years ago. I don't recall the exact figures, but I seem to recall that only about 60% of women and 50% of men washed their hands before leaving the public restrooms being studied.

A few years ago I was in a restroom of a grocery store and one of the waitresses at the deli counter left without washing her hands. I wished later that I'd yelled after her, "Hey you, come back here and wash your hands!"

I always carry the antibacterial stuff in my handbag, so I'll have it if I need it. And I open the door with a paper towel after leaving a public restroom.
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you should try doing what they did as a tv gag here in the uk. They put a CCTV camera in a public toilet and hooked it up to a bin (false one, of course) inside which there was a man who could see what was going on inside the toilets. When someone didn't wash their hands, he announced at the top of his voice through a megaphone that "THE LADY/GENTLEMAN WEARING XYZ HASN'T WASHED HIS/HER HANDS AFTER USING THE TOILET!" It got results. Lots of red faces, but big results. It was intended that they though that the bin was some rather fancy computer system, when really it was just a little geek in a bin.
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Very disgusting! Please suggest to her to try the diet supplement L-Lysine. It works wonders against canker sores, and at least one painful part of her illness will be gone. She can probably get it at any pharmacy, and certainly at an alternative med store. I believe the dose is 500mg two to three times daily.

You will be amazed at how quickly it works!

I travel with antibacterial gel now. I'll warn my friends who are going to Country Thunder in WI! And I'll be careful at the fireworks this weekend!
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I hate public toilets!
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