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Feliway help

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Hi i just bought feliway for lily and freda since they hiss at eachother and just dont get on at all.Can anyone tell me how long it will take to work?I bought the spray kind...it was expensive at £10 per 15ml and i really hope it works. If anyone knows about the spray id be grateful if you could give me some tips on where to spray it and when i need to spray it because i got it at the vet and it didnt come with any insructions.

Thanx in advance!
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Theres a friend of mine bought the feliway diffuser and she said it took a good couple of weeks to work with her two cats.

Not sure with the spray but someone will help, but i wouldn't expect an overnight miracle?!.

But don't give up too quickly
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I was given a bottle of Feliway, and was told to spray it on the cat. But the Feliway website says do not spray it on the cat.

First I sprayed it on my hands (because I was afraid spraying on the fearful cat would scare her). Then I pet the cats. Garfield became so affectionate he almost made me crazy. He is always loving, but it was like he couldn't stand to not be touching me and rubbing me continually. Jill, the semi-feral girl, just seemed to calm down, and begin to feel more comfortable.

I continued to spray the "cat chair" where the cats love to nap. I would spray a towel, and lock Jill in the bathroom by feeding her snacks, and slowly catch her with the feliway towel, hold her securely, and pet her for about 10-15 minutes so she could learn that sitting on laps was enjoyable.

And I would spritz it around the house sometimes. It is supposed to be the hormone from a cats chin, that they rub on things they mark as their own. So the smell gives them a kitty message saying "its safe here" "you are comfortable here".

Try spraying some usual cat resting areas, so each cat will get the hormonal message. Spray daily, or several times daily. Soon you will probably see them relaxing, and forgetting to hiss so much!
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Are they spayed? If they are spayed, they wouldn't be as hostile to each other.
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lily is spayed im not sure about freda but she probably is il have to ask her old owner,well i used the spray last night and its certainly worked for lily because shes not hissing at all now,freda is still hissing alot but she is a grumpy old woman and shes been bullied by other cats before so it will take longer for her to trust lily. Anyway thanx for the tips very helpful!
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