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I am a pharmacy technician and I have never seen a pharmacist refuse to fill a prescription except for a local doctor who was abusing his privileges.
Not sure what happened in his head, but he was my doctor for several years and a few years ago until my insurance made me change.
He was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable in his field.
But he was writing scripts for excessive quantities of pain pills and for people who were right there the minute there was a refill available.
Finally the pharmacist said "no more".
He said it risked his license to knowingly distribute recklessly even though a licensed doctor did write it.

Anyway, I agree with banning WalMart.
I love the convenience that it brings, shopping there, but it is getting ridiculous when they start with the "holy-er than thou complex".
Who are they to make such a judgement call?
I take low dose birth control pills to regulate my cycle and if the pharmacists would've said no to me I would've raised Hell!
The morning after pill is much more humane than having to have an abortion because this person does not want to carry her rapists child.
I am very much against abortion, and I dont want to get into that here but there are people who do not think there is anything wrong with it. I would much rather see the child not have the chance to develop than to suffer the abortion.

With the shooting of the cat locally who was eating food in their trailers in the middle of a huge snowstorm, and all the other scandalous behavior going on with these corporate kooks, I am going to try my best to choose other stores for all my shopping.
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Wal-mart has outlets in this area, that I have managed to avoid, partly because they simply aren't convenient to get to from Vancouver proper. But I have not been sorry that they weren't convenient, because of the very negative press they have received in recent years -- I really didn't want to patronize the outfit. Imagine my pleasure, then, today, when I learned that Wal-mart's bid to build only a few miles from where I live was turned down by Vancouver City Council!! YESSSS!!
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I live in California and I'm wondering if there are laws that prevent refusing to fill prescriptions for Medi-Cal patients? Does anyone know?

I guess, along with that, are there federal laws concerning the same thing for Medicaid patients?

I think all pharmacies here are required to accept Medi-Cal because I've never had one turn me down. Does anyone know this information?
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
That said, I think professionals should be able to refuse ONLY if it proved that it will be physically detrimental to the patient.
Absolutely Barbara! I doubt any of us would disagree with that!
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Well your walmart sounds screwed up

The wal-mart here doesnt have a pharmacy, it has a german pharmacy right outside it though.
The only stuff i buy from walmart is groceries and maybe some electronic stuff and plants. If i think about it now they dotn even have a music chart??
Oh wait yes they do but its not a wide selection and they sell dvd's which i constantly avoid that section of walmart anyway because bf always manages to find something new to buy
We only shop at walmart when we have a bit of money, or when we have to use our credit card (mainly the end of the month)
and because its got a wider selection and i know where to get certain things.

I live out in the middle of nowhere anyway and i love big stores!
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here in the uk there was a big fuss because alledgedly muslim doctors and pharmasists have been refusing women birth control, condoms and emergency contraception.

i'm not sure how true this is, as my dad said it was probably just ONE who did it and now the press have got wind off it and blown it ot of proportion.

I think inflicting your own morals on anyone in any situation is just plain wrong. God gave us free choice for a reason. its not their job to 'save' us (well in that sense!).
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