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GRRRR I am so MAD right now.

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Ok. so I work from home, and yesterday their system for some reason just would not work on my computer, it wont connect. And I think I am 99% sure anyways I know what the problem is. But..they dont think its that, and they refuse to help me with it. They are to busy with other things...ok fair enough. Yesterday I could not go in on site. My car wouldnt start its really that simple. Yes i signed a contract that I would come in on site if i couldnt work from home, but A) not my fault, B) umm..HOW was I gonna get there? To far to walk. I do NOT have money for a taxi, and there is no bus routes there where I am. So fair enough they didnt make a stink last night at all about it.

Well i get up bright and early this morning, mind you I work nights so that was rough for me. And call and ask for some help before my shift (i called at 9 the first time. my shift isnt til three)

nope we cant help you. to busy doing other stuff, ok well have someone call me back, otherwise...again my car is not working..I wont be able to come in. Sad but true...11 rolls around, and mind you we have to call in three hours before a shift or we get in trouble for that too. SO i called back..nope sorry we cant help you today..we are too busy. Ok well I cant come in, well your going to get marked for it..ok thats fine i understand that I am sorry but we only have one working vehicle right now. Steve is newer at his job than i am mine, and he has to go to work, he works earlier..ok so the direct supervisor said ok.

15 mins later, the supervisor above her calls me, and pretty much states, you signed this (yeah I am aware of it) you have to come in. I have no car. Take a Cab she says In my mind I say You gonna pay for it? Outloud, i say I do not have cash, nor do I have the money for a cab. Take the bus she says, I state again I have no cash, and no bus that runs here. She says well I dont care your here at 3pm or you loose your at home status, or your job. click.

so..steve calls in. Big no no hes on a 90 day trial period. His supervisor is WAY pissed. and he has a meeting on friday about it. (his days off are wensdays and thursdays as are mine) I call back, talk to the direct employee supervisor, tell her I will be in. Steve called out, and he may loose his job so I wont loose mine (ok maybe not super professional..but the direct supervisor was ok with everything) she is like "Oh my isnt there anything else you can do?" I said nope. Tell A (the sup above her) that I will be in. So Hopefully I will get no more phone calls. Knowing my luck they are gonna can me anyways because thats how they are. she wont like that I actually am coming in. (weird she demanded it but..anyways)

so thanks for letting me vent. I am just so mad. They have yanked me around about a promotion too. Its like just tell me yes or no quit keeping me on the hook. *sighs* I think its time to start looking for a new job.
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I´m so sorry to heard that......... Sending ((((((good vibes)))))....
When you want to vent anything, I´m here to listen....
My best wishes to you for found a new job soon....
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Thanks. I still have a job. I am going in today..but I tell you if anyone..starts anything with me. I am gonna quit. Working at home is not worth all of this..
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Oh honey, hugs all around for you and Steve! I certainly hope he does not lose his job simply b/c he was trying to help his fiancè, and I certainly wish you luck in finding another job that isn't so at-home-computer-dependent!!!
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Thanks! The sad thing is..is that its not MY computer..my computer is working just fine. After debugging it from viruses..from THEIR update....its Their system it wont work properly hasnt since the upgrade...

the almost laughable thing is..the thing they are to busy with, is they have Tech support guys from this company with the software...THERE on SITE! Working on bugs...

Gee couldnt they take 5 mins to help me?!
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Uggh! What a position to be in! I sure hope it all works out for you! You really need to work at home, to be available for all your babies.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Uggh! What a position to be in! I sure hope it all works out for you! You really need to work at home, to be available for all your babies.

Yup..and leaving them alone today is not sitting well with me. not to mention I have chronic Fatique syndrome. one reason its so nice to work from home and not deal with the rigors of the office....and its flared up. so..yeah lucky me *GRRR*
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