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Caught another!

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Little Scooter was caught tonight! Yippee - only one more kit and momma Goldie to get now! These little ones sure are leary of humans, though. Hubby set up the condo with an elaborate rope attachment to slam the door shut. This makes # 5 from this litter trapped. Scampi is with mom still. They were not around at the trap moment. Am thankful - cause back goes the condo as soon as I get back the other condo house from my sister. Just wheeled the whole thing inside after the catch. No 'Hissy grab' this time - she waltzed right in to the condo after a nice little treat. I have not handled her yet and will not do so for a day or two - she is really scared and misses momma I am sure. Just thought I would share my good news. Anyone looking for a cute kitten? Short hair gray tabby with beautiful round eyes.
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congratulations Deb! That is wonderful news
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Sounds like a warm, well-fed indoor Christmas for Scooter.
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Well - she is crying continually,not eating or sleeping! Poor momma and sibling are holding vigil at the front door!
Poor little family!
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I don't suppose you could use her as "bait" to get the others inside? Since they seem to know where she is and appear concerned . . .
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We have thought that very thing. But with Goldie being feral, I am not sure how that would work out. Scampi and she are going about their business again this afternoon, but poor little Scooter keeps watch like she is a hawk towards me.
I am going to call the Vet tomorrow anyways for her and will hope that we are not going to have an emergency visit due to not eating or using the box. It has been 24 hours now. By this time all the others had eaten and done their business. She is going to be a stubborn one I am afraid. I have a large sheet to cover the condo with to give her privacy and have been doing that off and on for her. I do not have a room I can isolate her in. I am going to have to write to Hissy to ask for advice!
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Oh Deb, this is such great news and as far as little Scooter eating, she'll eat when she's hungry. I know when I found these guys I was so worried, but trust me, if she's alert like you say, she'll eat soon enough. I don't know how old your kitty is, but a vet told me that their instinct is self-preservation, especially if she's old enough to eat on her own...makes sense.
Well, that's about all the advise I have and it's from the doc. I'm sure you'll find more info as the day rolls on...take care sweets! Congratulations once again and I hope you get Goldie and Scampi in too!

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Scooter is playing and eating and lets me hold her. Last night she honored me with a big old purring fest. Sweet little one
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That's such good news!

I'm so happy she's eating, and how wonderful that she's getting affectionate with you. She's learning to trust people, and she clearly trusts you now.
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Awww...Piddles...you are the BEST!!!

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