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I love happy endings!

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Festive couch-potatoes prompt mum to throw TV out of door

A mother threw the family TV out of the door to try and get her family to help with the Christmas decorations.

Liz Mace, of Southampton, was fed-up of seeing her husband and five children slumped in front of the box.

She ripped the set from its socket, carried it to the front door and hurled it down the steps.

Mrs Mace says she took the drastic action when a request for the family to decorate the Christmas tree fell on deaf ears, reports The Times.

The 40-year-old said: "I felt much better afterwards. Unfortunately we hadn't budgeted for a new one. We will have to make do with board games."

Her daughter Catherine, 16, says she was looking forward to watching Christmas films Shakespeare in Love and Sliding Doors.

"When we heard this enormous smash, I just thought, 'Oh God, what has she done?'," she said.

The family did end up decorating their 7-foot tree together.

Last updated: 06:57 Monday 24th December 2001
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I know the feeling!!!
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