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Feral Cats

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Here's my Grand-aunt's cats in Wicklow. They are all wild and wandered onto her property. She has loads of fields and forests for them to hide in.
She is 87 and looks after them all, and I know a few of you would say to spay and neuter them, and my gut feeling would be too, but she lives in the middle of nowhere, the cats are centralised there, its not like the kittens will overpopulate the area, and it isn't taking away from homes for other kittens because she'd not adopt a domestic cat because of where she lives.. plus the thought of trying to convince her..
Anyways here they are, they are friendly enough and very fun to watch play and are great company for an old woman living in the mountains.

Here's Tom, the only non friendly one, dad of all the others.

This is Ginger, son of Tom and Puss, he is so sweet.

Here's Puss, she is pregnant, she's the mom of Tom and Rainbow

Rainbow, has some kittens of her own now, I am going to take pics next time I am down.

Puss and Rainbow

Hope you like
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Awwwwww aren't they lovely!!! and their so clean looking!

Love that one of Puss getting a scritch and i had to laugh at Puss sniffing Rainbows rear end
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