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Megan has gotten into an annoying habit lately stealing her sister McKenzie's sleep spots lately.

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Megan, you're such a precious baby girl! Now, what are you doing stealing Kenzie's bed?
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That first picture is hilarious! too cute
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Awwwwwwwww how precious are they?!, Megan looks so cute!!!

Thats something Sophie would do as well!
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Aww... Lookie at my niece!! Tiger says to say hello.
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Awww! Precious
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Thanks everyone! Not long after I took those pictures last night, McKenzie jumped down to go in her toy box. Megan jumped out and Kenz jumped in. Megan then stuck her head over the side looking in the box and McKenzie gave her a good head swat
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Great photos Chris. It's nice to see Kenzie reclaiming her territory
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Can't blame Megan for wanting to sleep in the box, Look at all the toys! She is such a cutie
Go her whos box it is
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Oh Chris, that is so sweet.......Kenzie doesn't share very well huh?
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looks wonderful in there

and shes soo cute
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Awww Meggie! You're such a cutie, even when you steal your sister's sleeping spots!
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Hehehe Megan is so cute, I love those pics
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I love the Box Chris! Can i rest next to the lovely Meagan? Can I? Can I?

.......she´s pretty lovely! ......
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awwwwwwwww Megan you are so adorable
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