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Extremely Talkative Cat....

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Hello, just recently my cat Lightning has decided its a good idea to chirp and meow all through the night. I live in a bachelour style appartment so closing my bedroom off isn't an option.

I really love my boy but he is not letting me sleep at all over the past week.

I am really getting frustrated with him. I have tried playing with him a good hour or so to try and tire him out but way too much energy.

Anyone have any ideas for me? I was thinking of ear plugs.

A very tired Glenn
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Our cat did that for a while too and she stopped when we got a second cat. They played together all night instead of bothering my husband and I. But they still come wake us up at 6:30 in the morning!!
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My Zoey is like that she just had to learn when bedtime was and how to act ... she starts up now at the crack of dawn
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Maybe closing him in the bathroom overnight? Of course you'd need to put water, litterbox, toys, a light in there. A window is even better. Not my first choice, but I don't know that earplugs are going to be good enough.

Are you doing anything to encourage this behavior? Responding to his vocalizing?
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Yeah I have responded to him a few times so he probably so that has him doing it more. I'll try locking him in the bathroom tonight and see if that does anything.

Also my parents are coming to pick him up tomorrow to cat sit while I go camping for 5 days. Hopefully new scenery then back to my place will do something as well.
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Hello, we had the same problem with our cat, the vet checked him out and got the all clear, so we tried numerous behavioural interventions, extra play time, ignoring the meowing, feeding him later in the evening to get him to sleep, isolating to another room (which made him go absolutely mad) without success, the vet thinks he has separation anxiety disorder - so he is now on medication and a different cat, before he would meow ALL night and ALL day, it was such a nightmare (for us and our neighbours), now he comes to bed with us and is now only meowing for breakfast at about 5 or 6 am which is great, I also have noticed before he hardly ever purred, now he frequently purrs, he is much more relaxed which is nice to see...so i suggest chat to your vet if it continues.
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