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Gremlin sheds so so so much. It's starting to affect my visitors who are constantly making comments about his shedding.

I brush him any time I can get, I vaccuum and brush down clothes, yet I just can't seem to keep it under a decent control!

What can I do?!

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What does Gremlin eat??

If he eats grocery store food that is likely the culprit .... evan some premiums are low in fatty acids this reduces the shedding by conditioning the skin.... For my Zoey nothing less than 3.5%( I found 4+ is good for my other one) in omega 6 /linoleic acid... also see the omega 3 s some good ones arent listed but you can guess by the 6 leval
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He eats an organic food with real ingredients. I'm getting a new bag today and I will check the ingredients again.
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How long have you had Gremlin? Cats shed more in summer. It won't be this bad in winter.
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