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Just How Hairy is Your House?

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With three cats and a very "Sheddy" dog my house gets very hairy. I'm not a perfect housekeeper but I do try.... It seems,no matter how hard I try (but not enough to drive myself crazy), there is ALWAYS HAIR!! It goes with the territory, I know, I know But it just seems I clean and clean and there is hair everywhere. The other day... right after dusting and sweeping mind you, I turn on the fan and know what happens. There amongst, all the little hairballs, etc. rolling across the floor was a huge, flying one! It was was Wallace's, I'm sure. I just sat there, watched it float by and thought to myself, I'll sweep it tomorrow... So, how hairy is your house?
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What a question? I sometimes feel like the hair balls will never end I normally vacuum every day sometime twice a day and I have to dust everyday as well. Well when I think of it actually that is twice too. Normally before I go to work and when I get home. With 8 cats Wow it can get crazy and I am a particular house keeper. My hubby is always yelling "Man Val it can at least look like its lived in"
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Too much hair! I started a thread yesterday about the cat hair getting in my eyes. I got the seventh cat hair out of my eye today in about two weeks. Misery! Since all three of my cats sleep with me, I suspect there is a good chance the hair gets in my eyes while I sleep. I usually wash my bedspread every two weeks. I just took it out of the dryer a few minutes and you should have seen all the cat hair collected in the lint catcher. I think it was about 90% cat hair and 10% lint!

I also cleaned the guest bathroom today. Since I haven't had overnight guests in months, the room doesn't get much use and I haven't thoroughly cleaned it in a long time. But I couldn't believe the huge balls of cat hair in the TUB! What's most surprising, is that that bathroom doesn't usually even get used much by the cats.
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I live in a very old apartment building and have hardwood throughout, so although I find the cat hair can be easily swept up, my area rug in the living room is another story.

I have a cruddy vacuum that does the job, but never seems to pick up all the hair. And when I empty the vacuum I'm often surprised that it actually picked up as much hair as it did!

Despite the fact my cats have shorthair, contrary to popular belief, Russian Blues DO shed quite a bit... especially in this weather. Sometimes I find the odd cat hair in my food... another hazard of living in a multi cat household.
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How hairy is my house? Too hairy. I don't really know how people keep a spotless house. I vacuum about once a week. I have a new bagless vac, and boy does it pick up the hair! I have to go over each area about 3 times to get it all picked up. I have 2 inside cats, and an Akita, which is a very "sheddy" dog. Then there is the kitten room, with my fosters. It is always covered with gray fuzz. One baby (Zero) is a longhaired gray cat. Everyone who sees the picks says he is so cute, and several people want to adopt him. But if he already sheds more than the other 3 combined...

I do admire people who can hold down a job, and keep a clean house. Mine is sanitary enough. But clean? Not. I just threw a sink full of dirty dishes in the dishwasher, still have a load of clothes in the dryer from this morning, never did get around to vacuuming last weekend...But the kids are clean and fed. The 4 litterboxes are scooped. And its time to log off and go to bed.

If anyone has any clean house hints that don't include getting rid of family members or furkids, I'm all ears!
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Well, if I knew how to make hairpieces made out of pet hair, I'll probably be able to start a factory in my home!
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Here's me on a good day!
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My house is so hairy that if I could make a wig out of it for a Giraffe that would hang down to a warthogs
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It's not tooooo bad. I have hardwood, so the hair doesn't really stick to that as much as to carpet (I have to vacuum the area rugs every day because they gather all the hair and get really gross, so I can't imagine wall to wall carpeting!). I splurged on a fairly expensive (for me) vacuum with nice hose attachments, and I basically just go around the whole apartment vacuuming all surfaces every few days.
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6 cats, 1 dog, I could knit enough sweaters for a city's homeless population.
And when the birds are moulting, I could provide them with feather boas as well.
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Thats quite a funny pic!! I have the same kind of glasses and about the same amount of hair too!! So between my butt length hair and 2 inside cats, plus 6 other cats that occasionally come in the house I have TONS of hair!! One time I filled the vacuum bag with hair just in my living room.
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With kitty and my BF who has hair down to his butt, I am sick of the hair.. Can't put any clothing item on without pulling a hair out. Taking a shower is almost useless as I get covered with hair there as well!!! Well, I guess since I love them both I will have to be a hair-lover!!!
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Hair isn't too bad around our place, when Simon sheds his winter coat it was a little hairy, but Elle doesn't shed yet..
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Hmmmm, between Rocky (my shep/lab) and Easton (my husky), plus the 3 cats and my poof of hair, it's shed city around here. My sister has a pom-poodle mix (he actually looks like a miniature goldie!) and I could re-fur him daily! I sweep once a day, otherwise it's all I would do!
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It's been said to me the past few weeks that my cats are shedding a lot more than usual. I'm so used to cat hair on my clothes, in my bed, on the floor, even a few strands stuck to my mouth when I wake up in the morning (too much info). All in all, it's been less hairy around here than I'm used to in June
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Our house is reaaaaaaaaaaal furry, but it comes with having as many cats as I do!
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I am ready to pull my carpet up and go with finishing my hardwood floors underneath.
I feel like the carpet is twice as heavy because of deep down cat furr.

I need a Dyson Animal vacuum.
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz

Here's me on a good day!

I have hardwood floors throughout downstairs so you can't really notice the hairs, but when i swiff which is usually once a week, then you notice!!.

I vacuum the stairs and bedrooms once a week, but every month i get a damp cloth and wipe it along each stair and you should see the hair balls that i get up!.
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i shed more of my hair than my kitty, there for my bf complains about MY Hair instead of teufels haha
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its hairy in our apartment just where oscar lays all the time. he doesnt shed that bad over anything else cause he really just lays on the floor. but everytime i vacuum and go over the spot he lays on the vacuum fills up with hair.

i try to keep the place clean cause my stepmom is allergic to cats and if she ever comes down i dont want her to get sick or whatever.
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Barbara, that picture was hilarious!
I play my own version of apartment CSI. I can always tell the scene of a fight or rough play session between the girls because Eppie always seems to shed a big puff of hair when things get rowdy!
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I've killed more vacuum cleaners in my lifetime then all y'all combined. I have to replace the belt on my Oreck every 3 months. I 2 of my 6 cats are long-haired, and one is a walking shag rug! When I brush Snickers, we always marvel at the amount of fur pulled off and shedded onto the carpet. Plus, my own head of hair is down to my waist, so I've got that to contend with.

I have to de-fur my house twice a week. Sometimes I wonder why I do it cuz it's so redundant!
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Ox is losing so much fur he has big bare patches of skin!!! Plus he has gotten so thin he doesn't like being brushed. The cats are inside outside which helps a bit in the summer and using that Zoom Groom outside on the cats works well esp on Grizzly.
The house-well as others have said hardwood floors helps-but the hallway carpeting upstairs looks like a desert with sagebrush hairballs!!
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