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Chuck's on Meowmys lap again

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My Chucky loves to sit on my lap

He just plants himself and gets comfy or I pick him up and just sit with him like this. He can sit like this for a very long time. I can watch a movie with him on my lap. My BABY BOY for sure

This is how we normally sit and watch a movie, except my feet are on the coffee table

I am trying to convence him he can get down now, NOPE he's to comfy
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That is so funny how he sits like that You must really feel him too...he looks like he is a big boy. Sort-of reminds me of Garfield...big, fluffy & cute
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That is one of those 'awe' moments. Very cute
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Thank you..

I love Chucky so much. Actually I helped Chucky's mom give birth to him August 1997. She was so totally stuck on me too that when she went into labour she wanted to have her babies on my lap. It took a total of 13 hours for her to have 3 kittens Chucky being the first then Charlie and Nomee to follow. Both Charlie and Nomee has passed on But Chucky remains with me healthy and safe.

He is the most loving kitty I ever had. I spent most of my time with all the kittens. But Chucky seemed to be the one totally attached to me. Just like his momma. Which she now is with my mother. Chucky as you know is a male, he has mothered all the new kittens in my home. He would lick them, cuddle them, let them suckle on his belly and need him. He is so layed back and trust me that I can pick him up upside down and he just hangs there. When I groom him he also lets me vacuum him as well. Which is a plus cause there is no kitty fur to clean up.

I only have one other kitty that lets me vacuum him which is Buddy.. Which is the only cat in the house that Chucky is Jealous over

Sorry for making this so long but he is not only my furbaby but he is my best friend too. I love all my babies but he holds such a special place in my heart
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awwwwww! Those pictures are ADORABLE! I must say, I love all your kitties, but I did take a special liking to Chucky too! I love orange kitties!

Give him a big kiss on the head from me
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Aww, those are lovely photos!
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