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A Squirrely Alarm Clock

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For the last couple of days, early in the morning as I lay in bed I could hear this rustling noise above me. I lay very stll and can still hear this noise, and even if all the kitties are on the bed and accounted for they don't appear to hear it. Nor could Mike, and I was beginning to think I imagined it.

But as it has persisted, This morning I got up and could really hear it but again, the cats were undisturbed. Thinking it was upstairs, I went up with a flashlight to check, but could find nothing, nor could I hear it from up there. So back down I went, and once again, standing by the bed, I could hear it. Apparently I was still the only one that could. I woke Mike up and asked him to listen again,but as he already has bad hearing, he can't hear it and looked at me like I was nuts.

So I went and got my stethoscope, asked him to stand on the bed and put the scope up to the ceiling. Then he heard it and I suddenly didn't feel so crazy anymore.

Mike bammed on the ceiling with his fist, and we heard the scurry of paws and then what sounded like nuts bouncing up and down, so the consensus is, we have a squirrel who put a cache of acorns and walnuts and hazelnuts into the attic and it finds its way to the space between the two floors. Every morning at 5:00 a.m. sharp, it makes it way in to have breakfast on the house, so to speak. There is no way to dislodge it, and so I am just hoping it is not doing to much damage up there. I just wish it could eat a bit quieter, or that my ears were not quite so sharp and I could sleep through it.
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We will have to fit you with acorn ear plugs! Good story...
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Just be carefull Hissy. That's how it all started with my inlaws and now they have a whole squirrel community living in their attic!
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