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changing cat food

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I'm in the process of changing my cat's food. I gradually changed it over a week and now am feeding it full time. He loves the new food but he started having diarreah. He's had it for about a week now. Other than the diarreah he seems just fine. I switched him to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance - Venison and Green Pea. I figured some Diarreah would be normal but I'm not sure how long I should expect it.

Any advice?

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Well, no, diahrrea is never normal. Perhaps you just switched too fast. If you had nice firm stools with the previous food, why don't you just go back to a 50/50 mixture and try starting again from there? One of my cats got pudding poop from NB Venison & Green Pea, so maybe it just isn't going to work for you. But that's what I'd do for starters.
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It's possible he has food allergies so that's why I was trying to switch him over to this specific one.(I can't afford to spend $300+ to "maybe" find out what he could be allergic to) It's interesting to know that your cat had loose stools with the same product. I'll try adding some of the old stuff back in temporarily. I tried to do it real slow but maybe it just won't work for him. Maybe I'll send Natural Balance an email.

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I would redo the the swicth period ... my dog was the same way with the venison... so i did a really long switch .. hope it works I use it for treats now not food
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I agree...try a longer switch over period.
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