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Do parents whant presents from thier kids?

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Every year at Christmas my parents say that I don't have to get them anything. Are they saying the truth or do they rely want something from me? Do you say the same thing to your kids?
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My kids are still very small, so they don't really do much shopping. My favorite gifts from them are the ones they make for me, I treasure them :rainbow: I think most parents get more joy out of giving gifts to their children rather than receiving them. Merry Christmas !
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I agree with Melissa ~ even though my daughter is 13 I would much rather get something she made with her own 2 hands than something she bought in a store. I don't expect her to 'get' me anything, but she always makes something on her own. These are things I will treasure forever.
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When I was a single person, I loved the whole gift exchange deal. I still like to be able to pick out presents for my friends, but my daughter really takes up most of the time and money for it these days. And I really don't expect a present from her in return.

A big part of it is this: Mostly, when I want something, I can get it for myself. Mostly, kids end up with what someone thinks they should have. At Christmas, kids get a chance to ask for specific things they want, and have a good chance of getting them. So it's a big deal for kids, but not as much of one for adults.

I think, your parents would be very touched if you gave them something, especially something you made yourself or even a "gift" of a chore (like cleaning the garage or making a meal). But their real joy is in seeing you happy, so they really do mean it when they say you don't need to give them anything.
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if I had kids I'd want a little payback for all those kid years. Like a new Mercedes sports car for ol' Dads??? At least a Harley!!
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Yeah, but Griffin's pretty young, he's not at the payback age yet!

What's that song from "My Fair Lady"?

A man was made to help support his children
Which is the right and proper thing to do
A man was made to help support his children, but
With a little bit of luck
With a little bit of luck
They go out and start supporting you!

(In a heavy Cockney accent, so basically no consonants ie. Wiv a li'oo bi' o' luck)
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My husband always signs one or two gifts from the kids. But this year my son is in Kindergarten, and the teacher helped them make homemade ornaments for the tree. Then she wrapped them, and sent them home w/ the kids. It was great, I love it.

So Griffin, I think if you "made" something, it would be much better than just buying something. Or like it was suggested, maybe do a chore to help out. Or what about surprising them w/ breakfast in bed. You know, orange juice, toast, etc......I am sure they'd love that any time of the year, not just the holidays!!
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I think all teachers of elementary kids should have a project near Christmas to make gifts for the parents. They should also have a session on wrapping them so that they go home and become a present under the tree. Not for the parents sake, but to teach the children the spirit of giving and the idea that they don't have to buy but can make the gifts.

My 22-year-old is and artist and I get either paintings, drawings or photography every year.

My fiance is a carpenter, so this year we began making gifts. I am his helper, so we do it and buy the materials together. My parents and siblings, in turn, love the homemade gifts also.
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I'm 30 & I still make presents for my family - homemade is the best kind of present to give or recieve. Another thing I did when I was young is I wrote a gift certificate for my dad promising 1 garage cleaning! He loved that one.
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