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It's Benign!

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I just got a call from the vet! The results on Meeko's lump have come back (he had surgery to remove a lump on his back on Friday), and it's a benign cyst! An infundibular follicular cyst, to be specific, which is cured by excision (though it could recur) and won't cause him any serious health problems! I am SO incredibly happy right now! I have been a wreck all weekend, thinking it could be malignant, and this is such a relief. THANK YOU all so much for your thoughts and vibes, you guys are the best!
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Yipee!!!!!!!! Big releif!
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Kylie...I share your relief & joy that Meeko is OK.
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That's wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear Meeko is going to be okay and I'm sure you are very relieved.
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I am so pleased for you and for Meeko. Now you can spoil him a bit and relax.
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Awesome news!!!

Give Meeko a snuggle from me! Glad to hear he's okay!
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Awesome news! Congrats Meeko!!
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Excellent news!!!! I can only imagine the relief you must feel?!
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