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the "Able" update

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for those of you who responded from the "Limerick might be getting a cousin!!! " thread.

the back story: "Able" came into the clinic under the care of a local shelter after getting hit by a car. he broke his jaw and injured his left eye. after surgery to pin just jaw back together a week of IV fluids, and once he was able to eat on his own he was deemed healthy enough to leave, so i volenteered to take him.

"Able" had the pin removed from his jaw and is currently playing with the new toy mouse downstairs. he has adjusted to indoor life nicely and once in a while will got outside (on a leash) to explore the deck and grass. he is now about 8lbs. that is up from 6.5lbs when he came home. he is still blind in his left eye but other then that he is a prefectly normal cat. he eats like a little pig, and has some dog-like tendencies (ie: fallow me around, take food out of his bowl then eat it, and scratch his back leg when i scratch his neck) along with the surgery to remove the pin he recieved update vaccinations, and a microchip (just in case he gets lost). i will periodiclly update you all on his progess and once i figure out how to upload pics you will get to see him too.

thats all for now

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Thanks for the update

Sounds like Able found a perfect home with you Can't wait to see pics! (If you need help with posting pics, PM me!)
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Sounds like Able is recovering nicely!
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Can't wait to see some pics. Kitty does the dog like things as well, the foot thing, the food thing, and she will follow daddy around everyehere!!!!
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ok i think i have it now,

this first one is shortly after his first surgery

the next twp were taken a week or so ago.

there he is. he is now a little over 8 pounds.
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WooHOO!!! That's such wonderful news! He's just absolutely GORGEOUS This post has really uplifted my spirit - thank you so much for sharing your happiness!
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Originally Posted by tigerfanfrv

hahah I see he's still using Limerick's scratching post!! hahaha
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actually he was stalking the feather thing you left here for that pic. he hid behind the post before pouncing on the feather thing. he plays with the beads more then he actually scratches it
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Quite a lot of progress! He sure looks like a happy kitty now.

I'll move this to Fur Pics.
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WOW!!! I am almost speechless. And that rarely happens!!

Really, he has made such progress in such little time. I can tell he is a fighter. He is absoloutly stunning!!!!
It is amazing what the love and caring of an unselfish person can do for a helpless animal.
Thank you!!
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That's so beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful job done!
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He's made a beautiful recovery..... Looks wonderful!!! You've done good with him!!!!
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Originally Posted by Big-Cat-Fan
WOW!!! I am almost speechless. And that rarely happens!!
same here!!! WOW thats just simply amazing - what a wonderful person you are

awww Able you are beautiful
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Able is so cute!
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Loos like he is doing wonderful! Great Job!
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