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I love yorkies , didnt till I got one she is aobut 11 lbs and is not a yapper ... she is a wonderful hiking / walking buddy she likes to go for 3 miles when I plan for 1 ... I adopted mine at the shelter...Yorkies are forever hyper and high energy till about age 16 ..

On the slow lounger end is the pek( I cant spell) lovely dogs thou they only walk a few miles in a lifetime......

miniture pinscers are high activity dogs and seem sweet

I like toy poodles all the minis I ever knew were bity and yappy

All the pugs I meet at work are very sweet and good natured

king charles are great if you like spaniels ( I do but not to live with)
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I'm dog-friendly, but not a dog expert. I do have a couple of experiences to share, though, of small dogs with character to burn.

Both of Rob's sisters have small dogs. One has a daschund, and has had many before Russell, all neat fur people, not yappy, good walking companions, fine with cats.

The other has a miniature schnauzer mix (not sure what the mix is), not the first. Ollie (and Koku before him) are/were great little dogs -- fun, good walking companions, not yappy, get along with everybody, even cats. Rani (Rob's sister) and Ollie have a grand time doing agility training, and he's gooooooooood. (Actually, I credit Ollie with showing Rob's Mum's smooth collie how to "let her hair down" and enjoy life -- she used to be very reserved and wary of everyone, of any species, but when Ollie came on the scene, that changed almost immediately, and she became much more laid back and sociable. Go figure!)

Anyway...FWIW. Good luck with your choice, when the time comes.
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Originally Posted by blondiecat
I totally agree. I have three of them. Dakota my male is 92lbs. Nakita is 65lbs and Tala is 63lbs. They are full grown so that is what you would be looking at with a Husky. Don't forget about the hours it takes to groom them with those beautiful coats....it's a job that I usually spend about 4 hours on my three working on their coats.

High prey drive? Oh yeah no small animal, bird, or what ever is safe around my monsters. I even have to watch them around my Minature Pinscher, Ceasar, Now that is one dog you may consider...a min pin.

Hhehe yup that Husky prey drive is always there. Isis is learning though, she knows what Leave it, no chase, and NUUH mean lol
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I've known many Corgis growing up, I think they have a lot of what you're looking for in a dog.
They are great frisbee, flyball and agility dogs to boot.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
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You said you are looking for a smaller non-yappy dog. Well, what about a yorkshire terrier? Now, don't get me wrong they CAN be yappy, but it depends how you treat them when they are pups. I guess any dog could be possibly yappy though, but I am sure there are some "safer" breeds.

I had a yorkie for 14 years, (she was put to sleep due to cancer in her old age) but she was the best dog I have ever come across. I know I am a little biased, but I AM around lots of dogs at the shelter and still believe she was most well mannered I have ever met.

Here is a pic of my parents new yorkie Katie, she's a sweetheart!

Good luck with your dog hunting!
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How cute are these?

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Oh my gosh Sam!! those are adorable!! The hair on their ears is so long!!!
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Well I just have to say that looking at and contributing to this thread has convinced me LOL, that if I were to get another dog I might have to re-think GSD in favor of the Cavalier King Charles.

Just goes to show, everybody's got their faves !
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My gran used to have 2 king charles, and they got on great with her cat, even slept together sometimes. Any I know dont yap, they'll do a little 'wruff' when they are playing, love walking and are very tidy house dogs. I know quite a few people with king charles and cats.
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