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important ??????

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is it bad to give cats yogurt?
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Just a little bit is fine. Don't make a meal out of it. I've given mine a little dollop of plain yogurt from time to time. I'd hesitate to use the "lite" yogurt with artificial sweetener, though. I don't know whether that's safe for cats or not.
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i have lowfat natural yogurt it's french vanilla.
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If you give your cat yogurt make it plain yogurt not flavored. A tiny bit is fine, but don't make it a general practice. Try to just stick with quality cat food both canned and dry and plenty of fresh water- sometimes people food, as yummy as it is for us is not good for cats at all.
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It's ok to give them little bits of yogurt every once in a while. I used to give Abby a teaspoon full of yogurt as a treat. Just stay away from artificially sweetened yogurt. Too much yogurt could give cats diarrhea.
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what about tuna for kittys and how much is macarille (spelling?).
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It is better not to feed them anything that is meant for humans, except very occasionally as a treat. Tuna is very rich and often has salt in it (bad for cats) as do most canned fish. There are good tuna and fish flavoured cat foods, that all my cats love.
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You really should just stick with quality canned food and dry food and special treats that are made just for cats. Contrary to popular belief not all cats like seafood, and tuna and mackerel are not good for kitties, because of mercury content and oils. Stick with cat food and your cat will be fine.
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Does the same apply for cream cheese?
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