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Hi, I'm Furbie

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Hi everybody my name is Furbie, I came across this site and was instantly attracted to it, love the format, subjects, everything. And best of all kitties
My husband and I have 4 furbabies, their names are Furbie, sunShadow, Starfire and Buffy, I will post pictures of them soon, if you like.
We don't have any human kids so we decided to adopt furkids, our friends either think we're nuts or they think it's really cute because we refer to each other as 'daddy cat and mommy cat'
I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and reading as many posts as I can so I can catch up, so bear with me 'kay?
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Hi Furbie, sunShadow, Starfire and Buffy Welcome to TCS.. I can't wait to see your furbaby pictures
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!! Can't wait to see pics!
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Hi and Welcome
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Hi Furbie.....welcome My husband and I (DaddyCat) have four "children" too!! We would have more if our apt. manager allowed it. They are the love of our lives and we simply could not exist without them and they know it!!

Actually, raising kitties can be so much more fun than raising children....they don't talk back, they never want new and expensive clothes, toys, etc., they don't fuss about their meals, only once in a great while, and you don't have to save for college....what more could you want???

My family thinks we are nuts too but oh well, we married each other not our family!! So be it!! They are welcome to come to our house anytime and enjoy our furry friends! How can anyone resist it when a cat somes to you and purrs because you are petting them?? Or when one of your cats hides underneath an afghan and falls asleep....or when they fall asleep on their back with their paws curled under.....or when they sit on the windowsill and wait for you to come home and you can swear they smile as you approach.

Gee, can you tell I love my family??? I guess I'll keep DaddyCat around too

I can't wait to see pictures of your "family" and read stories about them too.
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Welcome, Furbie! Sorry MommyCat and I took what was likely your first choice in screen names!
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Welcome, Furbie!
I think you'll LOVE this group; I do. Everyone is really great here. My husband & I are Mommy & Daddy Cats also; no human kids. I've done a lot of foster care & rescue; we have a total of 12 "babies," soon to be 13.
Most of mine are "special needs" - 3 "tripods" (missing one leg); 3 blind; 3 blind in one eye; 1 deaf; 2 "normal". What a great family!
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Wishing you and your babies a warm welcome to TCS, enjoy your stay!
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Wow What a warm welcome, thanks everybody. I'm glad to see there are so may other mommy and daddy cats out there.You must be good people if you love kitties.
I chose Furbie as myboard name because I actually have a little website that hubby made for me called Furbie's Lair, basically there's me, him , my sister and sister-in-law. Furbie is one of my cats and for some reason I always chose her name.

This is Starfire (in the sink) and sunShadow

This is Buffy, note the multiple claws, she has 27 in total

This is Furbie

This is sunShadow

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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

Absolutely! fantastics pics!! thanks for share! ...

See you on the forums!!!
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Hello and

Beautiful babies!!!
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Thanks, I'll post some more pictures later if that's okay.
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Originally Posted by mlmcats
Welcome, Furbie!
I think you'll LOVE this group; I do. Everyone is really great here.
Welcome to TCS!
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wonderful furrys! Welcome I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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