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8 Kittens!!!

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I can't believe it, Ms. Priss had 8 healty kittens! They are beautiful! These are my first kittens, what should I watch for? Help with?
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8 KITTENS WOW thats so awesome
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8 kittens? Wow - she deserves a break! Can't help you what to look for, but wanted to congratulate Ms. Priss!
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Just make sure they are all nursing and that she doesn't get overwhelmed and leave them. If she dumps one kitten away from the others and ignores it, chances are good the kitten is ill and will need your intervention immediately! But hopefully all goes well with this brood- please get her spayed soon- the world does not need anymore kittens-
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That is absolutely amazing. 8 kittens! WOW!
Congrats to Ms. Priss!
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