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Shelter Dogs- Loads of pics :x

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Well here's the dogs I work with, only a small % of them though

Bobby, a resident, was beaten by children and tolerated it, but now he has been taken from that situation he has a hatred for them so is unadoptable.

Johnny, a lurcher taken from travellers in a state of starvation, mange and a broken leg. He has a home waiting for him in england.

Trudy, an old dog whos owner died, she amazingly got a home, despite being 16

Setanta a wolfhound racing 2 greyhounds, dexter and travis, All taken from travellers with mange and starvation. Setanta is in england and the others will soon follow.

Paddy, one of the elderly dogs.

Lady, my favourite dog, she was locked in a shed with her pups and food pushed through a slot in the wood.
She was wicked when she came but is very gentle to us now. But still wicked to strangers so a resident.

Yolande, a lovely gentle shepherd who was so nervous she refused to come out of her pen for weeks. She now has a family visiting weekly to gain her trust so they can eventually bring her home.

Some of the outdoor pens

a litter of 11 shepherds! I'll tell you that pen was a joy to clean

Sunshine, a resident because she is too unpredictable, if you touch her neck, ie try a collar or lead, she has a fit. She does what she wants when she wants

Harley, an abandoned puppy I fostered for 3 weeks

Chris having his first feed with us, a worker found him in this emaciated state in an airport.

One of the fields they exercise in

Peep, one of my favourites, I caught her with a coworker, her and her mother were living in the fields behind us for weeks before we caught them.
She is very very nervous, and needs to be handfed or she'll eat nothing,

Rescue on site.. alana, I wrapped her up while her owners were being questioned

and now..

Tanyon, a lovely blind spaniel

Shinko and Louise, Shinko's owners refused to treat his skin condition resulting in the 2nd photo.. permanant.

Phoenix, out loose in phoenix park and was about to be shot

And a random lamb pic they are sheep now

Sorry for the amount of pics.. this is AFTER thinning out
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Thank you for sharing these pics. I hope someone in that area sees them and offers at least one of the dogs a home.. Thank you again for the job you do
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All of the ones posted are either residents or already homed :P

I will be taking pics of newer dogs on saturday.. I have this week off because of the kittens I am fostering.
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Aww, I love dogs but have never had one. When I have a house (as opposed to a cramped, yardless apartment) I want to adopt an older, larger dog. I'm glad all those dogs are so well taken care of.
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Originally Posted by DaiDreamer
Thank you for sharing these pics. I hope someone in that area sees them and offers at least one of the dogs a home.. Thank you again for the job you do
.... ...God Bless you! ..
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Such lovely dogs. It may be because they know you and trust you, but there is such a gentleness in most of their faces. A real testament to what you and your rescue group does for these animals, especially knowing how most of their situations were before they came to your group.

I'll move this to Fur Pics.
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I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because of the kindness & love that you give these sweet innocent dogs.
I thank God that there are caring people like you in the world.
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Abbey they are so lovely, and i hope God strikes the previous owners

When they come to the UK, is it "The Dogs Trust" that you send them to?
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Thanks for moving it valanhb

I'm actually not sure where they go, there are a few different places. We send them pictures and they pick dogs they think they can home.
Sometimes, like in the case of johnny, people put their names down based simply on the picture, before even meeting the dog.

I think the greyhounds go to a place for retired racing greyhounds who are unwanted by their previous owners because they can no longer make them money.. so the greyhound rescues find them new homes. I'll ask on satuday if I see Kerry what the shelters are called. It is great, the new owners send us pictures of the dogs settled in their new homes
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Those dogs are awsomes! Thanks for the pics.!
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Here's a few more pics.. sorry to people on slower connections

First here's my own dog, I adopted from the shelter. He was locked in a trailer on a hot summers day with no food and water, severely beaten, had never been outside his 'shed' according to the owner, and was at a fete to be sold. He was in the severe stages of heatstroke when my boss saw them and begged to buy all 3.
He was the worst affected mentally and my boss called me especially to see him to adopt him. He is now a very playful little boy, but is literally my shadow, I physically cannot leave a room without him or walk down the garden without being bowled over

All 3, Gemma the medium terrier was thrown from a car and has hip problems, and Joey is a pedigree but needed 2 operations to make false joints as he had hip dysplasia aged 4 months. They were crumbling so we couldn't even wait till he was fuly grown.

Pearl, a really shy little girl, her brother timmy is identical but a bit less timid.

Koda, we didn't know what colour his fur was until his mange disappeared and his hair grew back

Jesse, the mother of peep, has some severe mental issues, and is very unpredictable but very gentle as long as you speak softly.. she spins in small circles, a sign she was locked up, and nothing will avert her attention from spinning.

Bobby waiting for me to kick his ball

Just pic I'v come across, 2 of the goats, Frankie and Carey. Carey was tied up in a bog to die by his owners.


Paddy the goat

Norman.. he is featured on the website

The gang

Florence, she was deformed, bow legged and stunted and it took a lot of arguement with her owners to let us keep her mother Heather too.

Chance.. dropped into the vet to be euthanised because his owners were going on holiday and boarding is too expensive.. his name was Yugioh, meaning there must have been kids in the family...

Setanta the wolfhound, his fur slowly growing back. He was a real gentle giant

Poppy and Sam, sam was run over by a car and left with a mangled leg, which his owners refused to treat. It went gangrene and we took him and it had to be amputated.

Kess a spaniel with fabulous purple eyes

One of the happy endings, Roy and Keane, 2 half hairless dogs, everyone thought they had mange but it was the way they were born, spent first 3 years of life with us, a week in the UK and they found a loving home together

Old Billygoat under his heat lamp in winter, aged 22 years. Died this spring rest his soul.

Daniella, also on the site, in the give me a home section, she is severely deformed, spinally and in her limbs but is a little darling.

and finishing off with a nice lively shot of lady
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Yeah, yeah...I know it's a cat site....but I LOVE this thread!
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Thanks come sunday i'll post loads of the cats for you guys. There's so many I don't have pictures of
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beuatiful pics!!! i love phoenix's picture best
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you have an wolfhound?!?!?!? i love those dogs, they don't live that long and thier insanely expensive to buy but *sigh* i love that breed.
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Oh I am in tears! Thoes are some of the most beautiful dogs! I will never understand cruel people. Thank you for helping to rescue thoes adorable innocent babies! Espeically the ones who can't go to homes. I have the utmost respect for people in your profession. Mooch and Noodles send thier thank you's too.
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They've got such sweet faces as well

I have to get my sister looking at getting another dog!!
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What wonderful rescue stories and beautiful dogs!!!
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Originally Posted by xocats
I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because of the kindness & love that you give these sweet innocent dogs. I thank God that there are caring people like you in the world.
I wholeheartedly agree
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Todays pics, after these you'll have seen almost all the dogs in my yard.. I need a pic of marshall but he's too jumpy

I am attacking the top yard with my camera when I get a free moment.

Mandola, from the pound on the way down to the field for a run, a gorgeous dog and I am training him slooowly not to knock people off their feet as a greeting Thats *ahem* johnny in the background doing what dogs do

Better pic of sam

Sam and Kirsti, Kirsti was very badly abused and is a dog you do not want to turn your back on.. literally.

She decided it would be fun to hide today and try ambush me
The field is huge, this pic is a fraction, and after I took this she loped off and lay down!! I was calling her for ageees

Dexter and Travis having some fun

Sunshine's best bud Boxer Boy, he is a street dog by origin and there's no changing him, he reminds me off 'the tramp' so he is a resident as he simply can't settle in a house.

2 new nameless boxers as yet, dumped on a motorway. Very friendly

Joy, it was touch and go after a car accident smashed her hind legs but after her op she is doing great!

And ending with badger, who was badly abused by men so can't be homed with a man.. and where can he get a home with someone who will never ever have males in the house? Hence he is a resident.

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