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Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I have a colony of feral cats that I care for and a family of 7 formal ferals that moved in with me two years ago. This was my first experience with cats and I still have a lot to learn.
I'm glad this forum has a Feral Cat Section because I have a lot of questions.

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Welcome Ellie, and ask away. Many of our members have a lot of experience with managing feral colonies. Hope to see you posting often. Don't forget to stop by the lounge for a bit of chit-chat too.
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Thanks Deb, I will.
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Hi Ellie
Welcome to The Cat Site! I hope to see you posting often!!!!
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Welcome Ellie - 'scratch' away at the keys and 'pounce' on a new question or two!
I would love to hear more about your work with the ferals.
Please tell!
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Welcome to the best site on the web!

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Thanks, everyone. Everyone seems so nice here and I really like the way the website is set up.
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People like you are a rare find Bless your heart for taking in the ferals! Many people don't understand they need love too! This site is the best site and we all love cats...feral or non-feral...they are all precious in our eyes. Debra Meyers is great with feral kitties too I'm sure you guys will have alot to talk about I hope you stick around for a long time...you can never have too many people with big hearts!

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Hey there Cat......throwing me in huh?
Hissy really is the feral queen around here - I consider myself her little trainee!
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Welcome, Ellie!

Wow! Another feral care-giver! I never knew about ferals until coming here.

Rest assured, Ellie, there's lots of help and fun from all the people here.

See you `round!

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Deb :angel2:

Not to take away from her. I guess I don't give anyone the title of queen! You have just as much to offer as anyone else. As far as I'm concerned, you've rescued abundant amounts of kitties this past year and have taken very good care of them! You're just soooo modest!

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Welcome to you, Ellie!!! I hope you find this site as enjoyable as I do!! I am glad you have joined us!
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Welcome to the site Ellie! This is a great place to be with load of nice people! (some clever ones too!! )ha ha ha....seriously though, you do a wonderful thing taking care of ferals....good on you!!!! Make sure you stick around!!
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