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Kittens and collars?

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My kitten is about 11 weeks old is this too young for a collar? Is he too small? And when and if we do get him a collar what kind\\brand should we get.
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Does he go outside? If yes then I think a collar is a must, if he's strictly an indoor cat or going to be then I wouldn't get one. I don't have one on Maya but she is kept indoors at all times, and if we go outside she is on a leash.

Most collars that I have seen are adjustable. I remember my sister got collars for her cats that were outside cats, and they had this thing so they would easily open incase it gets caught in something. The collars usually dissapeared after 30 minutes of being outside, I have no idea how.
I know that Petsmart sells a big variety of them. If you do get him a collar I would probably go with the ones that open in case it gets caught in something, especially if he will go outside, for safety reasons. But that's just me.
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All of my cats and kittens wear collars. They are indoor only, but there is always that chance they could get away. 11 weeks is old enough to me but you want to get a break away and supervise when its on at first. I started my little ones out at about 6 weeks with short periods of wearing. they are 12 weeks old today and wear them all the time.
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ya he's only an indoor cat. I'm still undisided.
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Mine always wear thier collars and are indoor also. Part of my reasoning was for the little bells so I can find them when they decide to hide in some tiny spot I wouldn't think they fit into.
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I'm for collars and bells, just in case they get out, which they have, even though they are indoor kitties. I'm for bells because I can hear them. You can certainly try when they are tiny, it may be fine but I did wait abit because I found the breakways were just a bit too big, even at the smallest adjustment and I won't use the stretchy ones because they can and have become logdged in the kittens mouth. There may be some special sort of breakaway I'm not aware of but at the basic petstores it just seemed there were the two main types plus the non safety collars which I would never use. The breakaways fit all of my cats at about 6 months old.
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I'd wait just a bit longer if I were you. I got chester at the age of about 4 months and he didn't wear a collar for awhile simply because he didn't weigh enough to break his breakable collar. Now he wears it all the time. Mind you, he's an indoor cat and did wear it if we were leaving the house together.
Another idea is to get some, have them wear them supervised and then take them off, that way your kittens are used to wearing the collars and shouldn't put up as much of a fuss.
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