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We are getting another puppy

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Mike surprised me this morning with the news that we are going to get another German Shepherd- this one is pure white a female! We went over to show the breeder Vader the other day- and she had new pups, nine of them all white! I was able to hold them and fell in love with them.So Mike called her this morning and worked a deal and we will pick her up in five weeks time. I have already named her- Glacier
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Congrats on the new addition!!!! I'm sure Vader will love his new little sister, Glacier. Hopefully the cats will feel the same.
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Awww, how great , MA! Pictures when you get a chance?
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I like the name, and yes, pictures please
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white german shepards are really nice. my mom has one..congrats!
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Wow!! Mike is such a great man, MA. That is quite a wonderful surprise!
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I can't wait to see pictures of her, when you get her. Whte German Shepherds are just BEAUTIFUL.
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Hee hee- my cats are going to freak!!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Hee hee- my cats are going to freak!!!
They're going to be like, "OMG! It fissioned! One wasn't enough?!?"

Mom to Narsil, Mithril and Kellie da Peke
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What a brilliant name!

Can't wait to see the new addition
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Congratulations MA!
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Congratulations! I love the name!
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Congratulations...a beautiful companion, for handsome Vader.
You always choose interesting, unique names for your furchildren. Glacier...perfect.

Look out kitties...another doggie is on the way.
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Congratulations! I am a bit jealous. I've wanted a dog for many, many, many years, but we just seem to keep "collecting" cats. Any hopes for a puppy were dashed the other day when I had Grace outside on her harness/leash. Lacey had warned me that she didn't like dogs. I didn't realize how scared she really was of them until she got a glimpse of the big lab puppy from next door. He was behind some bushes and on the other side of the fence and didn't even see her. She still bolted to the door to go inside.
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Everytime I see a white German Shepard, I think of Jack LaLane....I think he had two and they were always on the show with him...they were real beauties, I'm sure Glacier will be too!
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aww white shepards are such nice dogs. my cousin had one named "moose" hehe
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Wow! How exciting! Congrats, Mary Anne.
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CONGRATS on getting Glacier...I love that name by the way I can't wait to see pictures of her
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I am debating a gsd puppy...
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I envy you! The name is terrific, BTW.
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Here they are at a week old

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They remind me of baby polar bears!

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And here is the runt of the litter-

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awwwww....they do look like polar bears!! great name!!
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MA, what a great addition! I'm sure your household has never the dull moment! I'm jealous! I'd love to have a dog!
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They are adorable little lumpies
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aw, I want the runt!!!

MA, what a great husband you've got!!! Course you already know that...and so do we!!!

They are all adorable!!! Did one catch your heart over the others yet? Glacier is an awesome name!!!
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Awww MA, congrats on the newest addition! What's one more, eh?!

They are so adorable, and I love the name Glacier!
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How wonderful, MA!So adorable! Welcome to the family, Glacier!
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