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lily with new baby bunny

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Heres a few pics with my baby bunny dolly,shes 8weeks old and seems to love lily i had to make some stairs for dolly cos she cant get out on her own bless her.Lily seems fascinated by her as you can see by the pics.

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Awww, so cute. I can't wait to move out to the country. I want bunnies and puppies and birds and fish and and and more kitties
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Awww! What a cutie!

Lily certainly does seem intrigued by the new family member!
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i love my new bunny so much...shes very very skinny,i can feel her spine its not very pleasant but the people at the pet store said that it wasnt unusual for her to be thin so i think im gonna fatten her up a bit.
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Lily does resemble Porsche a lil bit how sweet with da bunny
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I think your bunny looks thin. I raised show bunnies for about 10 years and you should not be able to feel their spine poking up. It should be kinda like cats ribs. So you can feel it when you are looking for it, but it shouldnt be a prominent feature. cute little bunny. Is he a dutch? We mostly raised mini lops and holland lops. We have had our fair share of new zeleand (the traditional big white rabbits) though. If you have any questions feel free to pm me!

Did you know you can box train a rabbit? once they go in a place they will never go anywhere else, so if you put the box in the rabbits cage and they go in it a few times then you can put the box in a room with the rabbit and he will go in it assuming you show him where it is.
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yes she is dutch and yes she is skinny but i was told that she will be fine,she eats loads so it wont be long before shes fatter then freda.I have heard you can train bunnys but i dont really know how to? any tips would be appreciated.
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i tried to train my bunny, there are loads of sites that you can train your bunny.

My bunny has toilet trained her self in her cage and in certain corners of the house too.
You can also train your bunny with a leash to take it for walks.
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Cute pics.
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