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Friend's cat, thought deceased, came home!

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This is so amazingly wonderful. I posted about a friend who could not find her 17 y/o cat Patches. He had been inside only for years, and she was sure he had died and she just couldn't find the body.
Here's the link to the Bridge thread:

Last night he showed up outside her home! He is thinner, and still a 17 y/o cat, but he is alive! He slept with her last night (as he had for the past 17 yrs), and put his little paw on her hand.

Unfortunately, while he was gone, his sister Peaches died quietly at home. So she went from no cats, to Patches coming home! Of course, she realizes he is elderly, and she will lose him at some point, but the smile on her face shows how much it means to her to have him back!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, TCS magic helped!
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Yeah Patches!
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What a happy ending.....well somewhat. I love stories that end like that!

RIP Peaches
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....the good wishes and the Good Vibes always work! thanks for share...
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I just love happy endings!! Yeah for Patches!
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That's WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long was he missing? A couple weeks? I bet she wants to have a HUGE celebration to celebrate his coming home!!!

That's my WORST NIGHTMARE- losing my furbabies- especially if they escaped outside- and not knowing if they're alive and okay or not.. It'd devastate me. I don't know how she got thru thinking she had lost 2 at the same time ... I admire her..
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What a nice ending. I'm glad Patches is at home, safe and sound.
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Hopefully she has taken him to the vets by now? I am glad he is home safely.
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What a wonderful ending for meowmy and Patches
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Ooooo! That is just sooooo wonderful I could cry! My step-father had a cat that ran away after years like that. Then 2 years later he saw Kitty-Cat sitting at the edge of thier property. He says it was deffinatley him but he'd changed. He looked more wild, his paws had gotten bigger and things. KittyCat looked over at him, meowed once, then turned around into the woods and that was the last time he saw him. David says it was like KittyCat was telling him, hey dad, I'm ok and I'm really happy out here!
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What an awesome story!! I currently have a Himalayan rescue that is older & the vets feel was obviously an indoor cat that somehow got out & wound up on her own. As Himmies go, she's a real looker, very calm, friendly & loyal - so I know that her owners must miss her dearly, and wonder what happened to her, but she must have been gone so long that they've lost hope & prob. gave up searching long ago. If only they could somehow come across your friend's story and find their girl!! (I've posted on several online sites, have had some hits, but unfortuately for all involved, it wasn't their cat). Thank you so much for taking the time to share!!
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I hope she finds her owner. It is hard to believe that a wonderful cat could be abandoned, and not have anyone looking. If the original owner doesn't turn up, at least she has you to watch out for her.

Maybe you could post her pic on its own thread. It never hurts!
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Hi! That is great! I am glad Patches found his way home. I am sorry about your friends other cat who passed away. That is an amazing story. Good Bye!
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Woohoo that's awesome to hear about Patches.
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