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PLEASE reply soon!!!

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well guess what is happening now. the runt of the litter doesn't eat, or move. she just lays lthere. i don't thing that she wants to suck the milk out. i don't know what to do! she seems so weak and doesn't move. i am afraid that she will die. i think a bottle might make her eat but i have to wait for 4 hours before i can get one. i have tried to get her to eat but she wont. what should i do while i wait?
p.s she makes this sound. it sounds like popping or something. it is really quiet and she never meows. what is the popping
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I´m so sorry to heard that... have you take it to a Vet for a Check it?...
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it just started happening last night. my dad is bringing a bottle right now. he is taking his lunch. i hope it works....?
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It's not any consolation, but that's how my kitty was just before he died. That's not a good sign. I don't know, but I don't think a vet could help. If you can get her to eat, then that's wonderful. If not, you might want to prepare yourself. I'm sorry... I don't mean to sound cruel, I just don't want you to be as upset as I was, because it happened so unexpectedly.
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should i call a vet?
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If you are scared, if the kitten is not responding- then YES call a vet. A vet can see the kitten whereas we cannot.
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If that was me i would if.Im not a vet But I would like to have someone who nows what to look for to tell me that the kitten is going to die...Then sit home going crazy....Iwish you the best...
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In this case I would call and get an idea of what they think over the phone. I am not sure if your vet allows you to ask question with phone calls but it is always worth the try. They may give you some advice and also prepare you for what may happen. Sorry to hear about this. . please keep us posted.
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i just called the vet and they say that the popping noise is not good, so we are going to take all of the kittties in at 4:00. i am feeling better.. i tried to bottle feed Babie but the hole wont get big enough in the nipple no matter what we do. so we tried a syringe and it is kinda confusing to use. i don't know if the kitten is eating even swallowing the milk. so confused.
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I don't know how big the syringe is, but you need to fill the tube up with water first- then keeping the syringe away from the kitten squeeze the plunger to see how fast the liquid comes out (some plungers stick). Once you see the flow, then fill the tube up with formula. Place a towel on your lap, put the kitten on the towel so the kitten is on her belly. You don't want her upside down. Take the syringe, and gently place it in the side of the kitten's mouth, over the top of the tongue, don't jam it in, just place it on the side. Depress the plunger just a tiny bit- you want drops to be in this baby's mouth, not a whole lot of formula. Once it is in her mouth, take your finger and gently, and I do mean gently massage the tiny throat in small circles- you want butterfly touches. This should engage the gag reflex and the kitty should swallow. Feed her slowly- if you shoot to much fluid into her mouth the fluid will go down into the lungs and she will develop pneumonia. Slow and steady does it- I would call the vet and tell them you need a closer appt than 4:00 as well- just to be safe
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thanks that helps a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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About the hole in the nipple- sterilize a small cutting blade and cut a cross into the nipple. Have your dad do it- what happens with these cheap nipples, is when you pierce them, the rubber doesn't yield to itself and closes over. You want a small hole, not a big so cut carefully
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well there is no need to worry anymore becuz little babie just died.
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I'm very sorry that you lost another sweet baby. I know how painful that is! Just keep focussed on the rest of the litter, and know that it is very common for tiny kittens not to survive. It is not due to anything you did wrong.

I'm sorry you lost two cats named Babie, now big Babie is watching over tiny Babie over the rainbow bridge!
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i am not in tears anymore. i am doing better. thank you all
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Originally Posted by Septemberbabi09
well there is no need to worry anymore becuz little babie just died.
I am very sorry for the loss of your kitten, I understand how distressing it is to watch a pet deteriate, I hope you had photos of her as well. If it is any consolation the runt of a litter in many cases passes away and no matter how hard you try nothing helps....not your fault just the way of nature.
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Moved to crossing the bridge and lighting a bridge candle
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Originally Posted by Septemberbabi09
well there is no need to worry anymore becuz little babie just died.
I am so sorry. I just now caught this thread. There are some beautiful poems in this section that may be of comfort to you.
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so sorry do you have any more kittens left? how's mamma?
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there are 3 more kittens. Gracie(the mommy) didn't seem affected at all. i just had a break down a couple minutes a go. i feel so sad.
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Hopefully Gracie will focus all her attention on her three remaining kittens and they will thrive. It isn't easy watching a poor kitten die!
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I am so sorry! I just saw this. Please accept my condolences. I know you must be devestated.
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I'm so sorry that the baby didn't make it. But Mother Nature had a reason for taking it back, I'm sure. I hope Momma & the 3 survivors thrive and do well. Keep us posted on them, and YOU too!
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I'm so sorry
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RIP sweet little kittie

know that you were loved and cherished during your short time here - please happily now and be at peace little one
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aw, i'm sorry
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Hi! I am so sorry! It's always sad to lose one and even harder when they are so young. I am very sorry! How are you holding up? Good Bye!
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